Jasmina Tešanović: Violence in Milan


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  1. Anonymouse says:

    “corruption, underage girls, prostitutes, and attacks on freedom of press and the civil rights of both citizens and immigrants”

    And he wonders why they hate him?!

    Really, Silvio?

    Even if only HALF of those allegations were true he ought to be tarred, feathered and run out on a rail. What a malignantly corrupt dooshsack.

  2. microdot says:

    Berlusconi is a true megalomaniac and as Kurt Vonegutt referred to people like him, a PP, a psychopathic personality.
    What is happening in Italy is infecting the rest of Europe and the world as Italy exports it corruption.
    The manipulation of Belusconi and his control of the media has convinced many Italians, especially the young, that even though they abhor his politcal ideas, no one else can give them jobs…of course he has done a sorry job in reality…but this is not about reality.
    In France, Sarkozy, who has admired Berlusconi and even had the leader of the Italian Fascist party write the intro for the Italian version of his bio, has tried to emulate his manipulative total control and pitting the elements in french society against each other…
    The results? France is becoming more polarized with a rising extreme xenophobic right as we are seeing in the rest of Europe.
    Not just for the sake of Italian society, but for the sanity of the rest of Europe, Belusconi has got to go….

  3. artbot says:

    Is it wrong that when this happened, all I could think about was how John Oliver would excoriate his whipping boy Berlusconi in the next episode of The Bugle (which was posted yesterday):

    (ep. 99)

  4. Daemon says:

    If even a small fraction of the accusations against Berlusconi are true then he’s probably one of the most corrupt politicians around… and it looks like a few of them, at least, are established facts.


  5. Zaphod says:

    Repressing political liberties?

    C’mon this is not some new-to-democracy ex communist country, i didn’t vote Berlusconi, but i have to tell you that the alternatives are not that good either, and that’s the real problem on the long run.

    It happens here that we still manage to get on flights without too much harassment and, hear hear, we actually can take pictures of things around our cities without being stopped by cops!

    And to the first poster.
    I realize that you probably don’t really know what is like living with domestic terrorism, with some idiot (eventually manipulated by the real powers behind) that thinks armed fight is the way to go, like we did in the seventies, but believe me, it’s not a road you want to go down…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me, but if the country (and yes I do believe Amerika was guilty of electing the same lower class ass) elects someone who flagrantly abuses the concepts of leadership, honesty, altruism, and humanity; expect this kind of retort! He has his twin in our little Rupert Murdock, who is ONLY smarter because he stay in the shadows while he manipulates the press and the populace. He is trying to control lives, government, and future; and obviously feels as responsible as a sock. If he never had a bloody nose cos he’s such a rich boy, then welcome to reality… here’s the school yard of bullies you’ve been playing in, and stop crying.

  7. LexDS says:

    If I know this country well, Italians won’t do anything, life will go on as always, because a lot of people feel hopeless and unable to take action.
    First comments I heard when I got to work after this happened were: “Oh god, violence is not good.” “No they shouldn’t have done this.” and the like.
    Mind you: these comments came from people who have been talking against Mr.B (how italians call Berlusconi as a form of mockery) every time they could.
    Frankly this shocked me… you talk against him and when someone (although a psychotic) does something… you defend him? I feel compassion for the man, but not for the politician, he has been doing terrible things and deserved what happened to him, but this won’t change anything. He’ll go on and on, maybe even worsening the situation.

    For those who want to know more about what’s happening in Italy, maybe you should take a look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propaganda_Due
    This is what many italians think is going on and Licio Gelli himself said Mr.B is strictly following his plan, some years ago in an interview.
    BTW, I read his “Plan for Democratic Rebirth” and it states three main goals have to be reached before enabling it:
    1 – fake dualism in politics (one ruling party)
    2 – media/schools/information control
    3 – economy control
    I just hope we could do anything to make the plan fail.

  8. The Izzat of Quincunx says:

    As my friend and teacher Doug Dowd says, “Berlusconi is Mussolini with a necktie.”

    And in asking about hate, ol’ Benito Berlusconi seems to be paraphrasing a recent US POTUS in 2001, trying to dodge the real issues.

    BTW, Lotta Continua and such were not the problem in Italy. It was–and always has been–the right [and those who can be corrupted by it].

    P.S. As Sr Saviano about Berlusconi and the Mafia.

  9. Anonymous says:

    @Enormo and Anonymous: They used to sell heavy paperweight style models of the Eiffel Tower at the actual Eiffel Tower. I have a vision of where this is going….

  10. Enormo says:

    The man who attacked him with the plaster model of the Duomo cathedral

    A humiliating turn of events for Il Duomo.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sarkozy could be next.

  12. DaddyOfTheOne says:

    The real issues behind these events should be brought to public:

  13. Coresect says:

    Just for the record, Berlusconi was a paid member of P2, otherwise known as Propaganda 2: a covert lodge of the masons dedicated to, well, go figure, propaganda. They’ve been called the “state within a state”, and their mission was said to have been: consolidation of the media, suppression of trade unions, and the rewriting of the Italian Constitution. Silvio has one covered, another is all but confirmed, and the last is something his PDL is fighting for as we speak. P2 have been linked to Gladio: an operation set up after the second world war to establish a “Strategy of tension”: where “powers divide, manipulate, and control public opinion using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs, and false flag terrorist actions.”
    So, I doubt berlusconi planned to get himself smashed in the face, but he’ll use it.

    Look on wikipedia, lots of interesting things to be discovered.

  14. microdot says:

    “C’mon this is not some new-to-democracy ex communist country, i didn’t vote Berlusconi, but i have to tell you that the alternatives are not that good either, and that’s the real problem on the long run.”

    Zaphod, I take it you are Italian? Your comment made my pont in a very graphic way.
    Why do you feel that there is no alternative to Berlusconi?

    This is the same reason why Monsieur 30%, Sarko, will probably be re elected in 2012. Your press is controlled by Berlusconi, his opponents are discredited and the period when Prodi was in power, he was governing with a small majority over a system that was corrupt.
    In France, the main stream press is controlled by Sarko and his allies, he has eliminated and cowed the personalities who might challenge him in an interview.
    Like Berlusconi, he rarely conducts and “open” press conferece…it is very tightly controlled.

    The opposition is in dis array as in Italy and so fractured that it is rather hard to imagine a viable alternative. I have a very good friend from Perugia who emoas the state of Italian Left politics…they just put up osters and write their little pamphlets…how can you fight against armed thugs with your little pamphlets?

    The same tactical situation is in play in America. Obama is president over a sitiation so corrupt and damaged, a system frozen in denial that it is nearly paralyzed. The result? A hostile press can manipulate a confused and angry public into re electing the same idiots who destroyed the government in the first place.

    You are right, you enjoy your basic right to move around, but perhaps you fare a lot better than someone who voiced opposition.

    One thing very scary in Italy is the rise of active, extreme right racist politics allied with the Cathiolic Church. Look at the power they have in the goverent.
    Look at the Power of the Northern League and the outrageous racial “cleansing” tactics they are now empoloying in Northern Italy.

    You might defend Berlusconi by referring to your relative sense of freedom, but that my friend is a very precarious thing. It’s all relative.

    • zio_donnie says:

      zaphod is right tho’, Italy is not a 3rd world banana republic and Berlusconi is not a dictator, after all he was elected not 1 but 4 times.

      the TV thing is so overstated, i mean yes he does manipulate the media but the Italians are not so stupid as to be totally brainwashed. If you want a clue to why Berlusconi REALLY gets elected check the tax promises (he did lower some taxes) the laws he passed for himself (but thousands of people got the benefits too) and last but not least the total absence of a coherent left party.

      he would never win the elections if there were someone to contrast him. he lost with Prodi which was perceived as a serious leader, but he will never loose against the puppets he has against now.

  15. igzabier says:

    bloodlust attracts the bloodthirsty, italian news media thirsty , italian public thirsty, american public also thirsty but more neurotic-needing satisfaction of ‘law and order’ – find yourself think for yourself, develop our worlds/nation’s cultural identity by pursuit of…you choose, I choose beauty and compassion over hate and but that may be airy-fairy when running a nation-which is always inherently fascist.

    • Antonio Lopez says:

      Italy has “Law and Order” too. Go figure. Actually, I teach a comparative media class in Rome and have concluded that even though Berlusconi has a monopoly of TV media, it’s really not that different from the US media. Both are colonized by reality TV and infotainment with a lack of any real dissenting or alternative opinion. So, who are we to judge?

  16. psmeraldi says:

    When Berlusconi was punched, the most important italian newspapers, “Il Corriere della Sera” and “La Repubblica”, published mirror images of his face, so that it was not clear if he was punched to the right or to the left.

    See photo below


  17. Anonymous says:

    As it happens with every complex political issue, the truth is never on one side only and there is no real easy solution available.

    While personally regretting that they didn’t use a 1:1 scale Duomo model to hit and squash him forever, my impression is that this is but the first act of an age of physical revolt against a ruling class (in Italy they call it “The Caste” for its impenetrability) which has bled dry the coffers, the souls and the hopes of its peones everywhere.

    To put it simply: people can’t stand the pression and repression anymore, and that’s very clear to everybody. And when civil discourse cannot impact the powers that be at all… the only alternative is – unfortunately but inevitably – violence.

  18. microdot says:

    1 – fake dualism in politics (one ruling party)
    2 – media/schools/information control
    3 – economy control

    Krikey, that sounds like the republican party platform!

    I really loved the comment in the thread about the possible placement of a model of the Eiffel Tower. Would that be the 24 cm chrome plated model?

  19. VelvetPython says:

    I don’t know anything about European political figures, but I read up on him on Wikipedia after seeing this. This guy is like the Michael Scott of world leaders.

  20. Mark Temporis says:

    Izzat: But Mussolini DID have a necktie! The people gave it to him at the very end!

  21. Anonymous says:

    You mean the Romans haven’t learned from the mistakes they’ve been making for 2000+ years?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Let us all not forget that this act of violence was done by a person with severe mental problem. This was not an expression of peoples distaste towards Berlusconi, this was merely one insane person doing what insane people do.

  23. Anonymous says:

    -It is too bad our politicians dont get similar treatment. What a joke – Bersculoni asking “why do they hate me?” you mean besides the corruption, patronage, gilded age lifestyle, while policies result in average citizen living hand-to-mouth? Besides that, what’s not to like?

    Here we suffer from Bush, Cheney, Paulson, Lieberman, et. al. selling out the Constitution and throwing open the doors of the Treasury to carpet bagging cronies – grinning like cheshire cats on TV. While thousand die or are maimed in war, lose jobs, homes, families to health and bankrupcy, -

    I want to see our criminal governing class get their commupance and standing bloddy stunned glassy eyed, El Duce style.

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