Turtle farts raise a stink


Fact: The Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre in Norfolk, England, gives its Green turtles brussels sprouts as a Christmas treat.

Fact: Brussels sprouts kind of make you gassy.

Fact: In 2008, the bubbles produced by sprout-induced turtle farts triggered overflow alarms in the middle of the night.

Now the Yarmouth turtle tank—12 feet in depth and width holding 250,000 litres of water along with George the 3-ft-long green turtle—has been partially emptied for the festive season. Thousands of litres have been removed to lower the water by a six inches and keep the sensitive alarms clear.


The Telegraph: Aquarium lowers water levels after feeding turtles brussel sprouts

(Thanks, Marc Abrahams!)

Image courtesy Flickr user pauljill, via CC


  1. I recent learned (Wikipedia) that brussels sprouts, brocolli, cauliflower, kale, and collard greens are all the same species.

    Also: is it really necessary to load a new page to login to BB?

  2. Truly, this is a wonderful thing. The easy thing to do would have been to say “Hey, remember that time that the turtle farts set off the alarms? Probs the brussel sprouts. They’re BANNED.”

  3. “Probs the brussel sprouts. They’re BANNED.”

    It’s not that simple. From actually RTFA:

    “Sprouts are really healthy for green turtles.

    The high levels of calcium in them are great for their shells, the fibre is good for their digestion and they also contain lots of beneficial Vitamin C, sulphur and potassium.”

    So if (like any good zookeeper) they care about the turtle’s well being, they’ll feed it sprouts and deal with the aftermath.

    Besides – “turtle farts” is just an *incredible* way to get kids interested in going to the zoo.

  4. “what is the average underwater velocity of a sprouts-powered sea turtle”

    Is that an African or a European sea turtle?

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