Ted Cruz humiliated as Pecker spills beans on Trump's vicious insults

Poor old Canadian Senator Ted Cruz wants to forget how his golden-haired master made vicious fun of him, his wife, and his father in the 2016 Presidential election. But the bad memories flooded back as David Pecker, the former publisher of The National Enquirer took to the stand in Donald Trump's sex scandal cover-up trial, revealing how he would publish demeaning articles about Cruz at Trump's request.

According to The Independent:

Asked by the prosecution about the Enquirer's efforts to serve as Mr Trump's "eyes and ears", buying up the exclusive rights to hostile news stories about the candidate to bury them while pushing disingenuous attacks on his rivals, Mr Pecker explained: "[Mr Trump's personal attorney] Michael Cohen would call me and say we would like for you to run a negative article on a certain – let's say it's on Ted Cruz.

… Enquirer headlines from the period attacking Mr Cruz included: "Ted Cruz Sex Scandal – 5 Secret Mistresses", "Ted Cruz Shamed By Porn Star" and "Perv Ted Cruz Caught Cheating".

When Cancun Cruz was asked what he thought of Pecker's testimony, he sniffed sanctimoniously that he is "not interested in revisiting ancient history." I'll bet. I can only imagine how humiliating it must be for Cruz to have to humble himself before the man who publicly shamed him, all to keep his seat in the Senate where no one likes him anyway.

On days like these, Ted probably wishes he had pursued his dream of making a "teen tit film" rather than becoming the disgrace of the Lone Star State.

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