Bruce Schneier's TSA logo redesign contest


3 Responses to “Bruce Schneier's TSA logo redesign contest”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please please please, that someone design a nice logo of paranoic people in TSA uniform stripsearching citizens!!!

  2. knodi says:

    Well, FWIW, when I flew last week, they set off the blinky alarm on my bag, asked me if I “had anything I wanted to tell them about”, and then they groped out my saline bottle, gave me a quick glare, and opened the lid and puffed some air from it into a fancy hand-held electronic nose. And of course declared it safe and handed it back, but….

    I would have been very embarrassed if I had put whisky in my saline and gotten called on it.

  3. Kyosti says:

    Looks like we already have a winner! *

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