Homemade Tetris blanket

Katherine sez, "This is a photo of the Tetris blanket I made for a friend as an Agnostica gift. It took me four months to make, and I wanted to show off a little."

Tetris blanket (Thanks, Katherine!)


  1. Arrgh! Why put such a frustrating configuration on it?

    I could never sleep after looking at that, I’d end up groaning and banging on the side of my head like Rain Man all night.

  2. I’ve only just recently started playing, but why the hell isn’t the Z-block on the far left (turned 90-degrees), and why is it the same color as the S-block?

    (This is assuming it was the last block dropped; if it came before the J-block, it could’ve gone:


    And the J could’ve slid in on the far left.)

  3. Nice work.

    However, every time I look at this “Game Over” flashes in my mind. It would be very hard to get yourself out of that predicament.

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