Relax like aristocracy in a Disney princess dress blanket

Carol Hladik was laid up on the sofa with an injury when she thought a fun blanket might help her feel better. The result was Disney princess-inspired crocheted dress blankets. Read the rest

These 'temperature blankets' show a whole year's worth of weather!

All you knitters or crocheters, this one's for you: temperature blankets

The basic idea is that, every single day for an entire year, you'll stitch up a new row (or square or circle or other shape). The color you choose is determined by the outside temperature. 

When I first came across one on Instagram, I thought it was something pregnant women did to kill time while waiting for baby to arrive. I thought these soon-to-be-moms were measuring their internal body temperature not the one outside. I can see now that I made it too complicated, and weird. To be fair, the crocheter of the one I saw had described it as her "daughter's temperature blanket."

Anyway, it's a super cool and simple idea. And it leaves plenty of room for creativity.

Most people start them at the beginning of the year, but you seem like a rebel to me. Start one today. Read the rest

Homemade Tetris blanket

Katherine sez, "This is a photo of the Tetris blanket I made for a friend as an Agnostica gift. It took me four months to make, and I wanted to show off a little."

Tetris blanket

(Thanks, Katherine!)

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