Spherical video of Haiti

This 360-degree video view on the ground in Haiti is one of the more interesting things I've seen CNN do online.


  1. It wasn’t actually done by CNN. The camera, and the images, are by Calgary based “Immersive Media” – the original creators of the images Google Maps used when they started “Street View”

  2. I presume this ws taken before the earthquake as there is no apparent damage?
    It looks almost exactly like driving through Santiago de Cuba.

  3. Is it just me, or does it seem like the car/truck is speeding and narrowly missing many pedestrians. I thought maybe it was playing at double-time, but I don’t think so… seems reckless…

    1. That’s what it’s like to drive in 3rd world countries man. That’s just the way of life there.

  4. All raw video should be shot like this. (At very high resolution.) It would give producers and filmmakers a much wider array of choices in the editing room. And the same events could be revisited and illustrated on the screen in completely different ways.

  5. What, no [whatever that CNN lady talking head’s name was] as the Princess Leia hologram?

    It looks like the pedestrians are the reckless ones, running across the road although cars are speeding towards them.

  6. To me it looks like in the first video after about 2:35, the car’s speeding down the *wrong side* of the road, honking its horn to get the other cars to veer out the way.

    Still… AWESOME tech. Now re-do it in 3D!

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