Video of remarkable pileus cloud

From Forgetomori, a cloud to be appreciated.


  1. I once saw what appeared to be a mushroom cloud while driving north of Seattle. It seemed that Bellingham had been nuked, but it was a natural cloud formation lit by the setting sun. Sure scared a bunch of people.

  2. Sweet looking cloud, it looks like there is the sun off to the right through the clouds, then there is the crazy light cloud thingy off to the left. Have the aliens finally got here? Bout damn time.

      1. And if you had to introduce your self and your people to a culture that was vastly underdeveloped compared to your own, how would you go about it?

        So far, time and time again humanity has proven that we will attack/destroy/enslave anything that is “different” from what we know. We are dumb violent savages with powerful weapons and whom excel at killing each other over the littlest of squabbles. [/rant]

        That aside, I wouldn’t want to land and introduce myself either; wouldn’t mind making some graffiti and messing with the minds of the indigenous population though.

        1. I totally agree with the rant portion of your comment, but perhaps visitors have been here all along. If so, why would they fuck up so brilliantly in exposing themselves now, when we clearly still are incapable as a species of groking that we are not the center of the universe? Are they trying to fuck with us as you suggest with atmospheric graffiti? This is not prohibited in some kind of intergalactic prime directive?



          1. If I was visiting some crappy little planet out in the boondocks, the only conceivable reason I would see to be there is because they have something that I need; resources (alternatively we could be some awesome petrie dish experiment or tiny parts of a huge computer, built to answer the question).

            It could also be that said visiting cultures/races are so far advanced, that we are merely ants to them, and who cares if an ant notices you wrote your name on his hill? The ant won’t completely understand it, let alone discover your just bored and feel like fucking around with some insignificant creatures.

            I could also go into a thousand different plots of a thousand different sci-fi stories and give a thousand different reasons why the “aliens” might be visiting or trying to contact or not contact us. While none of them may be true, it is food for thought.

      2. Yeah, they’re here just to play with our clouds.

        Au contraire, mon frere.

        They are not our clouds, and the treaties they are negotiating with the aliens will spare us all from a life of torment (“further torment” the clouds are fond of saying).

        Separately, they *are* here to play with the clouds, who excel at field-hockey and cribbage.

  3. This is a very pretty image, but I think the media is wrong.

    Low-resolution “moving” pictures of a cloud? Honestly, the Youtube angle adds nothing. A few high resolution pictures{/em> would have done it more justice, and been much smaller/more efficient to boot.

    I think people’s nervous systems are just so tweaked out they crave video for no reason. I’m sure Marshall McLuhan would have something to say about this if he were still with us.

    Sorry for responding to this in text, but I’m at work so I couldn’t log a video comment :)

    But…it was very cool looking!

  4. Definitely a pileus cloud. A thunderhead us pushing up air ahead of it, causing cooling.

    I don’t think you can get iridescence without ice crystals.

    Also, there are youtube videos of these clouds flashing and changing shape in time with the changing e-fields within the storm. The cloud doesn’t move, but the lighting effects sure do. (One paper says that it only takes a few volts per centimeter to fully align suspended ice crystals.)

  5. I guess it looks remarkable – it’s hard to tell what it really looks like because it’s a small grainy video. Perhaps that’s all they had on them.

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