iPhone app creates International Typographic Style designs from your photos

This looks like a fun iPhone app -- "addLib is an application for iPhone that edits your photos and creates infinite types of design based on educated theories."

addLib mixes the Grid System, a fractal theory, the golden ratio and the Facial Recognition System, and then creates graphic design. It seems the layout is made at random, but it comes from the rigorous calculated system. These theories have been made through the process that people has been trying to find new expression, and they are also the ways, to capture very ordinary "beauty" in nature, namely algorithm.

We picked up "International Typographic Style" also known as "Swiss Style", which bloomed in 1950s, as the theme from the history.

addLib (Via app.itize.us)


  1. This app looks fun. The UI looks great and I appreciate the addition of a “send to twitter” option, but I just wonder why they (or any app for that matter) use TwitPic.
    Now that flickr has opened up their features, I’d much rather use Twitter’s built-in Twitter link (and tiny flickr url) for photos. Posting a pic on twitpic is so disposable, but Flickr photos can be tagged, edited, noted, etc.

  2. There was a free, stand-alone ‘graphic-design generation’ Mac application that made the rounds a few years ago; literal one-click poster/brochure/CD covers in grunge, techno, ‘artsy’, bauhaus and other styles, complete with modified bulit-in stock photos. It was somewhat of a joke app but I knew a couple people that used it for paid jobs…

  3. It looks a lot more fun than it is.

    Two minutes is my new record for buyer’s remorse at the App store.

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