Hipster puppies


hipsterpuppies.tumblr.com (via @tokyomango)


  1. Does firefox not support TIFF files??

    I’m getting a blank image here, though when I right clicked and hit “view image” it decided to download it and open it with another program.

  2. Firefox used to support .TIFF files back in the day, before they got all played out but now it’s more into this thing where it dubs Boredoms B-sides over early Nam Jun Paik videos.

  3. Its weird, I get all the jokes, but I don’t ever leave my house. Hipness in the 21st century…

  4. Yay Xeni! My dog is “muffin”, the one who doesn’t have a tv, but still watches mad men and arrested development on his macbook pro. i think you should change the main picture to his:)

  5. Dan, muffin is adorable! I’m not able to swap out the image in this post, but I would like you to give her a pat on the head for me.

  6. not all have the hipster look. (how does wearing a sweater or hood make one hipster?)

    more like poser puppies ?

  7. one has to be hip in order to understand some of the hip comic references.

    Hipsters don’t do humor (or anything else) that isn’t self-referential.

    oh and I know this isn’t the forum, but two quick things: it’s a spoken word band show, NOT a poetry jam, and you don’t pronounce the “♥” in our name. you guys are coming to hear us, right? Tuesday at 10:00 at the Le Tigre Lounge… ok l8rs

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