Google launching "Google Buzz"

I'm following a live stream of the Google press conference taking place in Mountain View this morning. They're launching a new product called "Google Buzz," a Twitter-like client that sort of acts like Friendfeed inside Gmail. Gizmodo has a blip, far more to follow.


  1. I am starting to hate all these different social networking sites. Don’t people know that the internet never forgets? Its like building an online dossier for people who want your info.

    1. I seem unable to disable it from appearing as part of my gmail experience, even after choosing “no, thank you” at the intrusive prompt. There are no options available to remove it (or chat for that matter).

      bravo google, bravo. –golf clap–

      1. I don’t see anything different in my Gmail screen. Maybe Google is doing a staged rollout of this new “service”.

  2. I generally like google products, but I am pretty reluctant to use this one since my gmail account space is already 80% used up, and I depend on Gmail for my email. Until google offers users unlimited space (or at least a whole lot more space than they currently do), this sounds pretty unappealing.

  3. I’m not seeing it on my account from here in the UK – maybe it is a USA thing at the moment.

  4. Hooray, now Google can track and store not only people’s emails, but also their photos, interests and thoughts. And, as the Onion presciently predicted, my refusal to put my personal information into Google products will actually result in social exclusion as millions of sheeple flock to give their personal information to a private corporation which by definition has its own interests, not theirs, at heart.

  5. It appeared in my UK gmail just now.

    I turned it off with techdeviant’s link immediately.

    Now to find a way to easily disable chat (yes I’m signed out, but it occasionally signs in for no reason)..

  6. I kept it on for about 5 minutes and then got rid of it. I found it far too intrusive, and if I want real-time chats, I’ll go to IRC.

  7. spacebarbrokensorry


    IPersonallyThinkIt’sTheGreatestThingSinceSlicedBread,I’veAlreadyBuzzedAboutA2For1DealOnSocks.BetterThanFacebookAnyway :)

    Ah the trick to getting the space bar to work is to press shift+space, weird!

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