Star Wars galaxy posters

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Justin Van Genderen designed a sharp series of minimalist posters representing various locations in the Star Wars galaxy. Terrific work! (via Laughing Squid)


  1. I’m impressed with the accuracy. Everyone knows it’s the forest moon of Endor rather than just Endor, but “sixth planet of the Hoth system” rather than just Hoth? That’s dedication.

    1. I like the accuracy too. Am I the only one who has ever wondered how crappy the other six planets in the Hoth system would have to be as hideouts for the rebels to set themselves up on an essentially featureless iceball?

  2. Harkens to those great throwbackish posters when you exit Star Tours. Would love to find some stuff like this to put in the toddler’s room…. subtle Star Wars conditioning

  3. @elleomnom
    I’m pretty sure they did sell them. Seeing those pictures gave me flashbacks to high school trigonometry, where the teacher had those very posters on the back wall. That was an awesome, awesome class, even though I sucked at trig.

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