WWI pro-reading ad

This WWI-era American Library Association ad has it all: reading, design, and beating up Kaiser Bill.

ALA Camp Library


  1. I built a whole site illo’d with those posters, many of them dealing with First Amendment themes, as the law firm includes the guy who won Larry Flynt’s freedom of press case at the Supreme Court (like in the movie.)

    Here is Alan Isaacman’s page:


  2. Something about the lack of fabulous accessories on his uniform tells me this won’t be the “camp library” I was hoping it would be…

    1. No more comments are needed. Yours wins the prize :)

      (And for better or worse, officially our military looks down on that sort of camp, anyway)

  3. Read to win the war, but as long as you’re not reading any of those books about communism that were very popular at the time.

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