Design classics at the annual Braun collector's fair in Germany

Fatih Arslan reports from the annual Braun Börse, a collector's fair held May 4 at the company's headquarters in Kronberg, Germany, "the perfect place for any Braun or Dieter Rams enthusiasts."

This is my first visit to the Braun Börse fair. I loved the overall vibe, the people, and the energy filling the space. Next year I plan to come up with a more clearer list of things I want to get and also meet other fellow Braun enthusiasts.

Among once-illustrious brands that now signify generics, Braun ("known for its design aesthetic from the 1960s through the 1980s") was an early pioneer: it was taken over by Gillette in 1970 or so and faded thence. But it managed to avoid ending up as a crummy rent-a-brand, and you still know you're getting a decent shaver. I guess this is because it's now owned by Procter&Gamble, a company that runs things itself and more likely to neglect a marque than disgrace it. Looking at the classic stuff at the fair is funny, though, because it's all so damned cool—and appropriated by others to this day. Yet they seem to have no classic series of their own. What exactly is stopping Braun making Jurgen Greubel hairdryers?

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