Jake Shimabukuro at TED2010

Here's my brief TED interview with the warm and wonderful ukulele virtuoso, Jake Shimabukuro. He plays a beautiful Eddie Kamae song at the end of the video.  

Jake Shimabukuro at TED 2010


  1. Jake played at the National Lab Day after-party on thursday evening, along with some other awesome performers. It was a beautiful experience… and Makerbots too!

    1. If you’re looking for more, he has put out several recordings, and I’d highly recommend his more recent work he has done with little to no backing band (which can get a bit cheesy and overbearing in his earlier stuff). His “Gently Weeps” album and “My Life” EP are both beautiful.

  2. That was awesome, Mark! Liked the edit, as well; what were you using? The transitions weren’t something I’ve seen in FC or iMovie…

    Jake’s enthusiasm and love of his instrument is very infectious. It’s hard not to smile while watching that!

  3. Great! You’re right…he seems like a nice guy. And talented, too. Not sure many of us could reach his level by practicing “10 minutes a week” (not that he promised that).

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