Unusual anatomy in fashion magazine?

Unusual-Anatomy Could it be an effect of the lighting that gives the impression of unusual anatomy on this model? (Via Photoshop Disasters)


  1. Oh, Boingboing, just because you scored an overreaction from Demi Moore’s lawyers, that doesn’t make every danged Photoshop wardrobe-malfunction in the Fashion world into a headliner anymore.

    Just make a YouTube montage of them or something…

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion, Phlip. Future generations of visitors to Boing Boing will appreciate your keen insights.

  2. implant (or young & firm) pushed back, down, and to the side? Without more pics I can’t tell. Looks weird, but most fashion models do.

  3. I actually think this might be a lighting effect. The clothing is cut very strangely, so there’s a gap at the armpit, and the sleeve connects to the front of the outfit. That blocks light, so part of her front is actually just hidden in shadow. Also, the front of her outfit may be squishing her chest out and to the sides, so as to give a weird effect. I could be wrong but I think this one’s not very definitive.

  4. Looks like it could be just an odd angle. The dress loops over the top of her breast and we’re seeing that under her armpit. It’s the highlight that makes it look weird, which might be enhanced in Photoshop, but might just be due to studio lights.

  5. It IS a PS disaster. At first I thought it was not a full-depth armpit, but rather light reflected off the shiny inside of her top. On closer inspection, this is impossible, since it would mean that her shoulder blades + rib cage are only 2-3 inches deep. No one is that deflated.

  6. It’s possible that what you’re seeing is simply the narrow cut strip reversed and tucked in below. The backing material just happens to be a close match to her flesh. I’ve seen this effect before on clothes made purposely to achieve this effect, although I would not go so far as to say they did this on purpose.

  7. I think part of the problem is the outfit, probably too small, and squishing her boobs against her chest (ie: not enough fabric for the chest). Also looks like her arm pit got erased by an over-zealous photo retoucher, leaving a shadowy line down the side of her chest. Its hard to tell but her left should might have been raised as well for some unknown reason.

  8. Actually, guys, this is physically possible. I saw this on P.D. yesterday and tried it at home: if a woman pushes her breasts flat across her chest, the tissue can push backwards into her armpits, as is shown in the image.

  9. If you don’t think this is photoshopped, go to the full photo and look at her ass-crack. It’s also misaligned and blurry.

    1. go to the full photo and look at her ass-crack.

      Totally crooked ass-crack. They were obviously instructed to ‘sex it up’ a bit.

      Not only is this a photoshop disaster – they also managed to make an otherwise sexy girl into a twisted, mangled mess. I’m not buying the ‘trick of the lighting’ argument… if it was a simple case of her boob being pressed sideways from the outfit, the lighting transition between boob and armpit would never look like that.

      PS disaster indeed.

      1. No, I can’t really see this as a photoshop disaster. I think her boob is squished into her armpit by her bra and the odd, unnatural position of her shoulder; and her arse-crack is distorted by being forced into a dress that is too narrow even for her slight figure, and the fact that the zip is only done up halfway.

        Arses and boobs are squishy — at least, natural ones are — and they will take on all manner of odd shapes when constrained by the odd tailoring of fashionable clothes.

        1. if it was a simple case of her boob being pressed sideways from the outfit, the lighting transition between boob and armpit would never look like that.

          Boobs and arses can take on all manner of odd shapes, that I never denied…. but I went on to say that if it was the case here, the laws of physics (which dictate lighting) say that what the magazine’s photo wants us to believe is not real. Light would never fall like that (unless she is a mutant).

  10. The highlight-looking area above the alleged breast makes no sense as either her armpit or the front of the dress, nor does the lighting on the alleged breast– the graininess and shading and hard/soft edge transitions are just wrong.

    So the answer is NO! It’s not a lighting effect, just bad Photoshopping.

  11. “No no no! This is all wrong I said I want sideboob! The people THEY want the side boob!”

    “Yes Sir, Right away Sir!”

    I think, whatever happened, deep down we all know this is pretty close to the truth.

  12. The only way I can make sense of it is to think of the black material as being somewhat stiff. The top comes up high in front and very low in back (exposing the entire back of the bra). The bra is probably a shelf or demi-cup bra. With the weird angle of her shoulder/arm/back, what we are seeing is the black top bulging out instead of lying against her side/back, which exposes the the side of her ribs and some of the side of her breast coming out of her bra. The model is emaciated, so there is very little flesh under the arm and around the shoulder blade, leaving a large gap. I think the black strip is actually the inside of the front of the shirt.

  13. I don’t see any boob at all. It looks like she’s got something shoved in the side of her bra strap, like a knife sheath or something.

    I think the “boob” is an optical illusion from back of that strip of leather/fabric. Kind of like that picture that is either an old lady or the young woman. I had to look really hard to even see what you were talking about in the first place.

  14. Now what’s so funny about a poor malnourished girl getting in a car accident and having the air bag inflate and get stuck in her bra?

  15. Whether this is a photoshop mishap or not… I like her and her strange anatomy. I would not kick her out of bed – even if she had three boobs.

  16. Playing with my own not-insubstantial manboob, I find I can achieve a similar-looking effect by squishing it up and back, as might be caused by the bra being pulled by awkwardly raising a shoulder, as models are wont to.

    Besides, if this is the photoshop, I shudder to imagine what this is supposed to be the correction to.

  17. “My waist was too thick so I had a lung removed. Next week I’m having my lower intestine out so I can get down to the size zero nature always intended me to be. P.S. Anyone have a sesame seed? I’m feeling a little faint.”

  18. Some people just can not grow a proper exoskeleton. Bits and pieces scattered everywhere, willy nilly. Sad really.

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