YouTube will not block Amy Greenfield's video art

Kurt Opsahl at the EFF shares good news about those disputed videos by artist Amy Greenfield: "YouTube responded to the letter from EFF and the National Coalition Against Censorship by doing just what we asked. They state: "We have re-reviewed your videos and have reinstated them with an age gate." This is good news, and YouTube is to be commended for correcting its error."


    1. She may not be a house hold name, but Ms. Greenfield has had her art in major metropolitan museums. Its said its taken a letter from the EFF for youtube to realize they made a dumb choice. I’m interested in finding out how her video came up for review, was it a random choice? Had someone flagged it as inappropriate? If so, why? Do they not like bare breasts? Unfortunately many questions, and no answers.

  1. I’m sure that YouTube will still censor ‘unknown’ artists for nudity in their video art, be it ‘tasteful’ or not. The sliding scale of what is art versus what is pornography is impossible to calibrate.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how Americans can be so repulsed by their own body parts. You can flip on the television and find copious amounts of video of people being shot, maimed and tortured.

    But if you are to post a normal, non-sexualized picture of a penis or female nipples, everyone gets so offended. Why is that??? Why are Americans so ashamed of their own body parts???

    I have a penis. I have friends with vaginas. You might have one of those things too! It’s not that big of a deal!!!

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