Criminal clown

This gentleman is Tony Alexander Pete, 43, aka "Happy." Police in Ogden, Utah are seeking Happy who is a suspect in a burglary that took place Wednesday evening. Happy, a career criminal, is easily identified due to his unique facial tattoos. From the Salt Lake Tribune:
 Live Media Site297 2010 0225 20100225  Clownburglar 022610~P1 200The victim told police that he was asleep about 7:30 p.m. when he was awakened to find the pair standing over him. At first, the men yelled that they were cops, then threw the blanket over him.

"The guy said he could still see from under the blanket though, and he described one of them as having 'clown eyes.' "[The victim] said he knew him as 'Happy,' because he had been staying there with him until recently," Sangberg said.

"Ogden cops have out clown posse - literally"


  1. If I woke up to that guy standing over me it would probably trigger something very primal in me and one of us would die that night.

  2. Investigators are still trying to determine the motive for the burglary, because nothing of value was taken from the house; jewelery, cash, computers and other valuables were all left untouched. The only thing missing was a case of Faygo.

    1. Yes, of course the tattoos are the same as The Crow makeup. I think it’s funny though that they referred to “clown” eyes.

  3. This guys puts the Juggalos to shame. He’s actually tattooed his face to look like that, while the Juggalos just use makeup.

  4. It shouldn’t be all that hard to find the guy, it’s just a matter of following the size 48 footprints.

    1. But do not try to apprehend him if he’s driving a car, even a small one: there might be up to ten other accomplices packed hiding within, all armed with squirting plastic flower corsages.

  5. actually the Crow make-up is traditional Clown/Jester make-up. So in a way the reporter did that right, the movie is just more notable to most.

  6. I’m not a weather man, I don’t know when its gonna rain, but I’m the rock and roll clown, I do a lot of cocaine

  7. Well for being the Crime Clown of LA, I have to take my hat off to this sad fellow. His motives are questionable and his make-up needs some professional help, I wasn’t just talking about his face.


  8. Some “Underground” culture…

    I mean, really, what gave the “Underground” the idea that “Tattooing is cool” when due to the difficulty/expense of removal the next ‘bust’ gave the police an instant I.D. that’d be surer than fingerprints, DNA, etc. with no waiting for pricey tests.

    IMO, he should have either worn that all the time -except when committing crimes- or not worn that at all and behaved “Straight” then put on the clown for robbery and spreading the mental illness of “Clauphobia”…

    1. Funny about the use of tattoos in identification.

      The tars – sailors – who first took up tattooing, on the Royal Navy’s stopovers in the South Pacific during the 1700s and 1800s, picked it up from the natives.

      But one good use of having a tattoo, the sailors believed, was that the unique patterns on their skin would help to identify their bodies, should they be lost at sea and later be washed up on shore.

      So the use of tattoos in identification was thus a primary reason for the spread of tattooing from the Indies, to the western world, via the subculture of sailors.

      I presently have no tattoos, but I shall get one before making any ocean passages: of simply my name, and nationality. For the same reason that some of the old tars did.

      1. The use of sailor tattoos goes beyond that, Ugly Canuck. Should a sailor have died while at sea, his tattoos would have been removed prior to burial at sea, cured and returned to loved ones. (Yikes!)

        1. No, nowhere near as deep. Just like all of the myths attributed to why sailors/pirates wore earrings, there is no evidence to back up any of these claims.

  9. Usually prison tattoos are for protection as they denote membership in certain gangs (hence white guys who are not strictly “aryan” with swastikas on their chests). . .

    Is there some new and scary prison clown gang we need to know about?

  10. What is up with these tattoo artists?

    There should be some sort of 10 day waiting period if someone walks into a tattoo shop and orders clown makeup tattoos covering their face.

    “Dude go home think about it for 10 days then come back.”

    I bet that would save many people from entire lives of crime and prison.

  11. Don’t drink and get tattoos…or in this case put down the glass pipe and don’t smoke the dope before getting a facial tattoo.

    Freshly escaped from Arkham Asylum Eric Draven, aka, The Crow. Be on the look out. Considered armed and cheesy.

    Do I have to turn in my nerd/goth creds if I say I loved the movie but hated the comics? It’s true enough.

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