Messenger bags made from old life vests

ehrensache-bag-to-life-rescue-vest-rettungsweste-1.jpg It would be neat if the life vests were still functional; then I'd actually consider taking this bag with me on an airplane ride.

Link (via NotCot)


  1. The way things are with TSA, you probably wouldn’t even be able to take that on the plane. They’d find a reason.

  2. If it were functional and you tried to take it on an airplane ride the TSA would probably come to the conclusion that you intended to force a water landing and allow you to spend 8 or 10 hours talking to a nice FBI agent.

    1. First thing I thought, too. Carrying one of these in an airport is just begging for the TSA goon squad to jack you up.

    2. Even as a completely NON-functional bag that merely has the appearance of a flotation device, I would bet that many TSA agents would consider it threatening.

  3. Um, yeah, just imagine the plane/boat is going down, and you grab this on the way out thinking it’s a life vest… doh! Not the brightest idea ever.

    1. I agree w/#3! You have this on a plane (or in a boat, fer chrissakes) that’s taking on water. Even if YOU remember it’s a bag, some panic-stricken (and therefore “socially deaf”) individual is going to grab it and hang on for dear life…or is that dear death?

  4. Of course it’s BECAUSE they’re time expired and no longer usable that they can be made into bags cheaply.

  5. This is really quite cool, though it seems like the bag is ridiculously expensive. Also another big concern is that the plastic used for life preservers isnt very durable.

    I would be more interested in seeing this bag built out of canvas but still mimicking the original design.

  6. Forget looking threatening – they would more likely think you had stolen one off a plane which is a federal offense (one which a drunken friend of mine once got arrested for) and when you tried to prove it was a bag by opening it you would probably get tasered to death

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