Accused ATM-skimmer swallows USB drive in custody, doctors remove from his gut


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  1. Jonathan Badger says:

    Remember that kingston had issues with QA in their microSD cards (reported here on boingboing). Perhaps certain batches of their USB drives are better at gastric interactions than others…

  2. RedMonkey says:

    It’s been a while since I had to dissolve a semiconductor chip package, and normally you’d take it out of the consumer package first, but we would usually use a HCl concentration of about 20-25%.

    It appears that gastic acid is only about 0.5% HCl so my guess is that it wouldn’t damage the package but IANAC – the safety issue is likely more to do with it getting stuck in his intestinal track and causing a blockage but IANAD.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “In return for swallowing the storage device, Necula was charged with obstruction of justice . . .”

    Obstruction of justice and obstruction of bowel–it’s a weird world, this.

  4. tamar says:

    Ew. You can imagine the joy the police (?) must’ve gone through to check his poop for the drive.

  5. nanuq says:

    Ed Norton made this look so easy when he did it in The Incredible Hulk. Methinks that’s where this yahoo got the idea.

    • Brainspore says:

      Ed Norton made this look so easy when he did it in The Incredible Hulk.

      I guess that’s why they showed Bruce Banner buying a bottle of ipecac afterward instead of waiting a couple of days to facilitate a “HULK POOP!” scene.

  6. Metostopholes says:

    The worst part of it is, they added a charge of “Obstruction of Justice.”

    Wah wah wahhhhhhhh!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Of course USB isn’t compatable! get a mini usb cable, and suck on the end. Windows goes crazy trying to install you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    He ended up downloading the data into his pants.

  9. emerika says:

    This points out the need for a flash drive that will self destruct on swallowing.

    Sure there are drives with encryption, but they can hold you under “contempt of court” if you don’t fork over your password. They can do nothing if you swallow and destroy the evidence…

    There’s got to be a market for such a thing… of course it can’t be toxic…

  10. hijukal says:

    A USB 2.0 drive with a USB 1.0 stomach? You’re bound to experience a slow rate of transfer. What an amateur.

  11. bmxmunkee says:

    And I thought I had problems with throughput!

  12. VagabondAstronomer says:

    Idiot. As anyone will tell you, the human GI tract is more like the old RS232 standard with poor pass through…

  13. VagabondAstronomer says:

    Throughput. Meant throughput…

  14. ian71 says:

    yet another example of packet loss.

  15. snakedart says:

    The suspect’s name is “Florin Necula”. That alone’s got to count for something during sentencing. I’d use it if it wasn’t already taken.

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