Xeni in Amoeba Records "What's In My Bag?" video feature


8 Responses to “Xeni in Amoeba Records "What's In My Bag?" video feature”

  1. skatanic says:

    I am listening to The Roots of Chica right now and it is blowing me away. I’ve listened to Brazilian psychedelia from the same period (Os Mutantes), but I had never heard of chicha. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Fred H says:

    Yeah, “Roots of Chicha” is pretty awesome. Los Diablos Rojos rock. I love the story of how the music came to be in the liner notes too.

  3. StRevAlex says:

    Amoeba kicks ass! They’re the Greatest Record Store in the Universe, just like Boing Boing is the Greatest Blog in the Universe.

    Y’know, just in my opinion.

  4. turquoisekid says:

    thanks so much for the props Xeni.. your other picks are really compelling too.. gotta check those out. im so lucky to have such a cool sister! : )

  5. LeSinge says:

    I really like Amoeba (in LA) but I have zero need for it. I don’t know if I’ll ever buy a physical CD or movie again. What’s the future for music stores? Isn’t buying a CD when you can download digitally blatantly bad for the environment?

    • Zadaz says:

      I also really like Amoeba (SF) but I only go there now to buy a few foreign CD’s that I can’t find online. It’s a testament to its high Awesome ranking that there is more music worth hearing in one subsection section of the store than in an entire Virgin Megastore or HMV (or whatever the big music chain is in the states now.)

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