Happy Pi Day!


A lovely pie for Pi Day (3/14), by Boing Boing reader Genise Schnitman. I wish I could taste a bite.


    1. (Daniel) Tammet set a European record on March 14th 2004 when he recited the famous mathematical constant Pi (3.141…) to 22,514 decimal places from memory in a time of 5 hours, 9 minutes.

      Verbum sat.

  1. There’s no 31st of April, so the next pi day can only be the 3rd of January in the year 4159. Or if we’re following ISO 8601, the 9th of May in the year 3141. Either way, I’m expecting to miss it.

  2. I’d like to see a traditional NZ/Australian pie, and by that I mean meat pie. My favourite would be steak and mushroom, although I haven’t eaten one in years.

  3. Best pie I ever saw was a pumpkin one that spontaneously developed a very nice pi-shaped crack while it cooled.

  4. We celebrated with pizza (we’re from Chicago). but being old geezers, we didn’t stay up for the big blowout party at 1:59 AM.

    1. My favorite Athens pizza joint, Your Pie, which is practically across the street from my apartment, is selling pizzas for $3.14 each today. Unfortunately, the line is out the door. Hope I can get in there before they run out of everything.

  5. I want e Day. It will next February 71st. Though I did have a slice of pie with breakfast this morning.

    1. Shouldn’t Pi Day be July 22nd?

      According to the Wikipedia entry, July 22nd is more popular in countries that use the day/month format, and March 14th is more popular in countries that use the month/day format.

  6. buko pie! from the philippines! you should try it! the best! from the tree of life. but the coconut is not a nut.

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