Bag made out of battle helmet bags

battlewornhelmetbag.jpg This giant green bag is made out of repurposed helmet bags that were used in battle. You can buy one for $60 on the designer's web site.


  1. Not too sure about the “used in battle”, I think what they were trying to say is “heavily used military surplus”. My buddy is a KC-135 boom operator who has a “helmet bag” but I wouldn’t call it “used in battle” even though he’s spent months at a time deployed in Qatar.

    Ground troops don’t have helmet bags, these are for aviators to hold their helmet, headset and other aviation paraphernalia.

  2. Or you could go to US Cav or Brigade Quartermasters and just buy a helmet bag for under $30. Your choice of military colors, although only BQ has the same green sateen. You’ll have to add your own supr kewl skull graphics, though.

    I don’t know about the pictured items being used in battle, though. You should really have your helmet on before you go to battle.

  3. It doesn’t look like it’s “made” out of a repurposed helmet bag so much as it “is” a helmet bag with a couple of stickers on it.

    1. @Berk,
      Available for >$20 on amazon depending on style.

      Am I the only one getting annoyed by the “bag made out of” culture? I’m all for repurposing and reusing, but making a few cuts, adding some stitching and then charging 3 times as much?

      1. It’s called being a hack and exploiting people who don’t know better. It’s as old as commerce itself.

        That said, I’m tired of it too.

  4. If you have a canvas/nylon manufacturer in your city, you can buy a quality duffel bag for $5 that will last forever. We didn’t even keep our helmets in those dumb things in the USMC.

  5. Somewhat misleading. These bags are only used for aircrew helmets; those helmets are custom-molded to match the contours of the wearer’s head, and are very fragile: they’re only designed to absorb ONE major impact. So you get a special padded bag for them.

    The standard “pot” helmet that everybody thinks of as the typical soldier helmet? No, it doesn’t get its own frou-frou bag. And it ain’t fragile.

    1. Funny thing about those being helmet bags. In the Navy, in my experience, we used them for everything BUT helmets when flying – lunch, piddle packs, emergency procedures manual, maybe a soda or water, a camera… helmets? That’s what the straps on them are for – carrying. ; )

      1. Yep, I don’t think my helmet bag ever actually contained a helmet. Lunch mostly, water bottles, NATOPs manual (prior to my qual), checklists, etc.

        1. Are you still in oasisob1? I was an AW in S-3As in the mid 1980s, flying out of North Island here in sunny San Diego. Stop by at the USS Midway Museum some Saturday if you’re in there area, I’m a docent there.

  6. Addendum: just remembered that this kind of bag is also used by armored vehicle crewmembers (e.g. tank crews). So that lends a little more credibility to the “carried into combat” line.

    But it’s still not like anybody walks on patrol carrying these things as a murse.

  7. I use one of these nearly every day to carry my Air Force helmet. A new one is $32 from Gibson-Barnes, available in six different colors and not covered with spattered paint (oh, and it won’t have pathethic fake background stories insinuated into it.)

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