Serving insects to unwitting food critics

YouTuber Max Fosh has made the rounds here at Boing Boing a couple of times, and not for nothing. Whether it's hiring the SAS for a game of paintball or working as an Uber Eats deliveryman on horseback, he's often up to something as bizarre as it is creative- and this time around, that means masterfully preparing gourmet dishes from insects and offering them up to unsuspecting food critics.

Whether it's cockroaches, crickets or mealworms, the most appetizing of the insect kingdom is on full display here. Naturally, some of the practiced palates on display begin to suspect something is up, but there are a few insights shared about how this may very well become the norm in the future as more traditional farming is driven toward being unsustainable.

Honestly, all shock value aside, that scorpion pesto looked pretty good.

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