This kiddie race car doubles as a floor cleaner

Parents of littles, rejoice! Your multitasking dreams have been answered with the laughable convenience of the KIDSCLEANCAR (yes, they insist on the all-caps), on Amazon for a couple of C-notes. Now, while Junior is busy pretending to be a race car driver in his battery-powered toy, you can pretend that your floors are getting cleaner. Is it a toy? Is it a floor cleaner? Technically, yes. Just load up the front attachment with your most absorbent paper towels and watch in bemusement as it shuffles dirt, dust, and debris around your home.

Who needs a robotic vacuum when you can have a mini speed demon erratically buffing your floors instead? Sure, it might miss a spot or five, and it's no match for an actual mop or vacuum, but who cares when it's this amusing? Encourage your little racer to take extra laps—every pass counts as "cleaning."

Ah, I want to hate this, but according to the comment section, most people who bought it actually seem to like it—especially their children, of course. Though, to be fair, the comments focus more on the toy aspect, not its prowess in cleaning. [via swissmiss]

If you are tempted to get one, do heed this warning before purchasing:


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