Best science writing from the blogosphere


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  1. Stargazer says:

    Hey, that sounds pretty cool. I think I will have to check this out. Are most of the articles easy to understand even if you’re not a scientist yourself, but an interested layman?

    And by the way, did you know that “Open Game Table – An anthology of RPG blogs” was actually inspired by Open Laboratory? It may be a bit off-topic but I thought this may be of some interest to BoingBoing’s readers.
    OGT is available here:

    • Maggie Koerth-Baker says:

      You should have no problem understanding the articles. Some of the writers have a more “dense” style than others. But nothing is technical or academic and it’s all written for a wide audience, which includes scientists outside the particular field and curious laypeople.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Big Ideas need Big Spaces” was the tagline used by Italian fashion brand Diesel to launch and promote Diesel Wall: a competition for young talented artists to cover public walls in major cities with graphic artworks

  3. Anonymous says:

    For another review, you can read:

    (Disclaimer: I am the author of this review.)

  4. davemosher says:

    Cool, Gene. Will have to pick this up (had no idea Bora put this together until now).

    Also, I really enjoy the annual “Best American Science and Nature Writing” series. Latest is 2009, obviously:

  5. Anonymous says:

    great review…

  6. Stargazer says:

    @Maggie: That’s great. I just ordered my copy.

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