Steampunk Star Wars costumes

Outland Armour -- a replica armour company -- produced a set of steampunk Star Wars costumes that include this wonderful Steampunk Boba Fett and Princess Leia.

Cool Stuff: Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet, Boba Fett, and Princess Leia

Outland Armour: Steampunk Star Wars (via Make)


  1. I think the Stormtrooper helmet would have looked alot better if he had based it on the Fallout helmet, then again looking at my copy of the game I have a suspicion the boxart was cribbed from Star Wars anyway.
    Asides from that the painted Stormtrooper helmet is a painted stormtrooper helmet with some cogs glued on.
    Steampunk works when you use yesterdays tech to substitute the modern equivalent. Painting something brass just doesn’t cut it.

    1. This. A thousand times this.

      Simply putting cogs on things and giving them a brass finish is lazy, tacky, and just plain wrong. Why does your top hat have cogs all over it? Does it have an Inspector Gadget-style arm with an umbrella or a helicopter with handles inside? How about the cogs on your goggles? Is there an implied magnification or mechanically applied filter of some sort?

      I would really like to see cyberpunk versions of some of this stuff, but I’m sure I’d see the same logic applied; the cogs would be replaced with random chunks of silicon and a liberal application of microchips.

  2. That seems more like ’50s retro-sci-fi than steampunk to me. I think there’s a tendency to call anything steampunk if it has extra rivets and a few unnecessary tubes.

    Still, those are cool modifications regardless of the label.

  3. Holy cow that’s my friend Laura (@Morluna on Twitter)! I just sent her a message. Outland Armour works hard so it’s great to see them on BoingBoing.

  4. I’ve seen numerous takes on steampunk Star Wars pop up recently- while the concept and some degree of the execution is pretty keen, I think the designs could be pushed much further to really make an impact. If you’re going for the traditional Victorian Steampunk aesthetic, as would be assumed from the filigree work on Fett’s chest plate, why not base Leia’s dress off of a Victorian silhouette? She’s really cute in that get-up, but at the moment it’s more of an alternate Leia with two belts than it is its own design.


  5. This is my friend Laura (@Morluna on Twitter)! Its so great that she and Outland Armour are getting some recognition on my favorite site BoingBoing. They do excellent non-Star Wars themed steampunk gadgetry. Check out any major Sci-Fi convention, they are usually running a panel or 5.

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