Ten Alternate Names for the New Sarah Palin Reality Show, from Boing Boing readers


I asked people who follow me on Twitter to come up with more interesting titles for the forthcoming Sarah Palin television show on TLC than the rather bland "Sarah Palin's Alaska." Following are ten the submissions which caused me to spew the largest spews of coffee on my monitor due to involuntary LOL.

• MYTHMAKERS (@DavidHains )

• NATURE'S DEATH PANELS (@dunagan23)

• PALINTOLOGY (@iheartmuseums )

• WHALIN' WITH PALIN (@hmobius)

• THE BEWILDERNESS (@james_atomic)

• TRAILIN' PALIN (@invisiblea)

• WIFE ON EARTH (@fcw)




Untitled nature show narrated by David Attenborough, in which the entire family is eaten alive by pack of starving cheetahs. (@dr_ultimately)

Read more about the deal at the New York Times. And The Awl has what I believe to be the one must-read post about the whole affair: "Sarah Palin's 'Planet Earth' and the End Times."

[Image: "Representing the Pro-Death Party. Hi!," a Photoshop creation published on Flickr under a Creative Commons license by Irene Roxanne]


    1. I only think moderators need to be impartial and balanced WHEN MODERATING. When contributing, they can author whatever content they choose.

      1. I agree, but perhaps, when contributing, their moniker should not advertise them as being a “Moderator.”

        The title carries a responsibility very different than that of a typical ‘blog respondent.

        1. No the title does have value even when they are acting as mere contributors. Have you really thought this through carefully?

          The reason you need some tag for the official staff is because trolls will be making handles like “corry” and “antinnous” and trying to spoof the system.

      2. I agree, but perhaps, when contributing, their moniker should not advertise them as being a “Moderator.”

        The title carries a responsibility very different than that of a typical ‘blog respondent.

        1. Isn’t it better for the system to be upfront about what powers they have, even when they’re not using them?

        2. I think people who are moderators are there to get spam and rude stuff off.. not sanitise their comments to suit SOME individuals..
          I also thought the comment from someone about Liberals should be tolerant silly…Tolerant does not mean sanitised either… In my weird (from Australia) view I find Sarah P entertaining. I wouldn’t vote for her, but she IS entertaining. Let her enjoy the money noterioty and the jokes. She seems like she is not easily offended. And if it makes money AND gets Alaska more tourist.. Good job!

    2. Wait, Sarah Palin is getting a reality show?! Man, it’s gonna be more painful to watch than the Anna Nicole Smith trainwreck. I’m relieved though; after this even the lunatic fringe won’t consider her fit to be President. Well, most of them won’t.

      1. Wait, Sarah Palin is getting a reality show?!

        Well, probably more of a disconnected-from-reality show.

      2. Man, it’s gonna be more painful to watch than the Anna Nicole Smith trainwreck.

        If they give Ms. Palin a lesbian personal assistant who’s in love with her, the show might be a hit.

  1. Naah, by all means, add more. I think Palin would enjoy a few of these.

    She does seem to relish her enemies every bit as much as she does her supporters….

  2. some pretty good ideas there. Good thing that I wasn’t drinking my tea when I read that last one!

    1. Roy, Roy, Roy – you got it backwards! Today’s mythology is tomorrow’s religion.

      I like pretty much ALL of the comments, even the misguided chides.

  3. Nice picture, but…
    You forgot that the towers of the Kremlin should be visible on the horizon.

  4. Alaska: under the drill
    just as well we get some images of Alaska before Palin starts drilling. it’s never going to look the same if she gets her way.

    Then they could ship her around the world in a 40ft shipping container and just change the location in the title. It’s be a crash course for her inevitable run for president. She’ll be the first Reality TV politician. I can see the follow up.
    And just look at that, the supreme court just rulled that corporations have no limits on their political expression. So her whole campaign could be funded by the show. It’s insane. I can’t even finish the thought how horrendous this is. The Discover Channel is underwriting her Presidential campaign.

  6. Palin’s new show on TLC 2 be called “What Not To Say” where she will spin her yarns & then be judged by hosts Stacy London & Clinton Kelly.

  7. Nobody here is making any claims that I’m impartial and balanced. The voices in my head keep saying that I’m unbalanced now that you mention it. And I’m not partial to any political party or movement, so I revile them all with relish.

    1. Antinous: No one who runs or moderates a blog has -any- responsibility to “be impartial”, and to me that is unequivocally a Good Thing.

      I find news reporting to be more valuable when it comes from someone who doesn’t pretend to objectivity, and I do think I learn much more about an issue by toggling back and forth between the Nation and the Weekly Standard than I would by reading the New York Times.

      But “I revile them all with relish??” I dunno. On political issues particularly, I’ve always thought of BB as a place to go to find out what the more thoughtful element of the left wing blogosphere has to say. In the two years I’ve been reading the site, I’m honestly unaware of any posted article which seriously challenges, or ridicules, any positions normally thought of as “leftist”.

      I’d be delighted to be proved wrong by having them pointed out to me.

  8. Change “The Beverly Snowbillies” to “The Beverly Chillbillies” for increased giggle factor!

  9. Educating Sarah
    Sarah is enrolled in 3rd grade in a typical American elementary school. At the end of each episode she must compete in an academic challenge against her classmates. For every question she gets right she gets to kick a puppy. Don’t worry, no puppies will be harmed in the filming of this show.

  10. Being an Alaskan, I am totally and wholly ashamed and what a banal, money grubbing attention whore our former governor has become. She is an absolute disgrace, and gives Alaskans everywhere a bad name.

    1. I feel ya there, I grew up in Ak, but have moved out of state for college. I really miss back when stupid people though we all lived in igloos with the polar bears, now all that anyone asks me about is Palin. I tell ’em “She’s from the Valley; that’s god’s country,” and leave it at that.

  11. Interestingly, the run of the show will be slightly longer than the time she actually spent as governor.

  12. And there you go. I find this so offensive that they’ve ensured I give up the only show on their family of channels I watched — Mythbusters.

  13. Nobody else read this as “Ten Names for the New Sarah Palin Alternate Reality Show”… Nobody?

  14. I’m not a Palin fan, but are we really surprised by this? This doesn’t seem to be TLC’s first reality show, just the one with the most politically divisive host(?). I really don’t think adding Palin makes the whole concept any stupider.

  15. Can the personal assistant be Anne Coulter? I know far too many people who’d pay to see that.

    Far, far too many.

  16. Oh! This is one of our favorite Palin names here in Nome.
    “The Quitta from Wasilla”. How about that? Not much draw the crowd action huh??

  17. @Daemon: No, the lesbian personal assistant can’t be Anne Coulter. Although many allegations about Coulter’s sexuality have been made, I haven’t heard ‘lesbian’ mentioned yet.

    However, one *could* hope that they got both Coulter and Michelle Malkin on the show as sycophants. Maybe the right-wing crazy hatred talk would reach a critical mass and they’ll meet the same end as Grunthos the Flatulent.

  18. How about: The Palinpark Boys

    Sarah and Bubbles could get arrested for stealing shopping carts…

  19. “Married with Children”
    oh, wait – that’s been used…
    how ’bout “Caribou Barbie’s Big Adventure” ?

  20. Moose$hit!
    Sarah’s Vanishing Wilderness
    Altered State Of Palin
    She’s Addicted To Fame
    Polar Bear Apocalypse
    Chillin’ & Drillin’ with Sarah Palin
    The Blame Game

  21. Pete Milligan titled book 5 of “Bad Company” “The Bewilderness” — in which our tough leader dude (Kano) has pretty much lost it, and when the locals kill his (imaginary?) fairy companion, well, it’s just a shit fest

    It’s a great title though, and using it for Sarah is so appros.

  22. I like “The Real Housewives of Alaska” or since it’s Discovery, “Nostradumbass”

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