Ten Alternate Names for the New Sarah Palin Reality Show, from Boing Boing readers


I asked people who follow me on Twitter to come up with more interesting titles for the forthcoming Sarah Palin television show on TLC than the rather bland "Sarah Palin's Alaska." Following are ten the submissions which caused me to spew the largest spews of coffee on my monitor due to involuntary LOL.

• MYTHMAKERS (@DavidHains )

• NATURE'S DEATH PANELS (@dunagan23)

• PALINTOLOGY (@iheartmuseums )

• WHALIN' WITH PALIN (@hmobius)

• THE BEWILDERNESS (@james_atomic)

• TRAILIN' PALIN (@invisiblea)

• WIFE ON EARTH (@fcw)




Untitled nature show narrated by David Attenborough, in which the entire family is eaten alive by pack of starving cheetahs. (@dr_ultimately)

Read more about the deal at the New York Times. And The Awl has what I believe to be the one must-read post about the whole affair: "Sarah Palin's 'Planet Earth' and the End Times."

[Image: "Representing the Pro-Death Party. Hi!," a Photoshop creation published on Flickr under a Creative Commons license by Irene Roxanne]