Blindness cure was actually LSD pickles

Alex Pfeffer of Fehmarn, Germany, paid £20,000 to Patrick Baecker, an out-of-work barber, to cure his blindness. The "cure" was gherkins laced with LSD. Baecker is now serving 8 months in jail. 'You are a hairdresser, not a shaman,' Judge Markus Faerber ruled. (Thanks, Chris Arkenberg!)


  1. “You’re not a shaman, you’re a hairdresser” BEST JUDGMENT EVER!

    My mom’s a hippie, she craved LSD Pickles and marijuana ice cream all through her pregnancy!

    Seriously, she was though. My SN was almost JonathonLivingstonSeagull212.

  2. You’re not a high priestess, you’re a vacuum cleaner salesman
    You’re not a pope, you’re a postal clerk
    You’re not a rabbi, you’re a wedding band!

  3. But as mentioned, that judge deserves a cupcake, brilliant snarky comment from someone who’s fed up with idiocy!

  4. :(

    Now I will have nightmares of a judge glaring down at me. “You’re not a coder. You’re a dork!”

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