Blindness cure was actually LSD pickles


13 Responses to “Blindness cure was actually LSD pickles”

  1. Brainspore says:

    In all fairness, I doubt a professional shaman would have been any more successful.

  2. Dewi Morgan says:


    Now I will have nightmares of a judge glaring down at me. “You’re not a coder. You’re a dork!”

  3. Robert says:

    I’m not a hairdresser, I’m a coiffeur!

  4. Rossi says:

    Did it work?

  5. Rossi says:

    Oh, and…it was 20k pounds according to the article. Almost $30k.

  6. ericmartinex1 says:

    You mean there are dumb Europeans too? I wasn’t taught that in Sociology class.

  7. nanuq says:

    He had the blind guy “seeing things”. Doesn’t that count as a cure?

  8. Felton says:

    LSD pickles? That’s just not kosher.

  9. arikol says:

    But as mentioned, that judge deserves a cupcake, brilliant snarky comment from someone who’s fed up with idiocy!

  10. jonathon212 says:

    “You’re not a shaman, you’re a hairdresser” BEST JUDGMENT EVER!

    My mom’s a hippie, she craved LSD Pickles and marijuana ice cream all through her pregnancy!

    Seriously, she was though. My SN was almost JonathonLivingstonSeagull212.

  11. jonathon212 says:

    You’re not a high priestess, you’re a vacuum cleaner salesman
    You’re not a pope, you’re a postal clerk
    You’re not a rabbi, you’re a wedding band!

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