Cthulhoid snack-food


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  1. lev3k says:

    Fresh Klav Kalash! No bowl! Stick!

    Also come with choice of clam juice and Mountain Dew.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That looks delicious.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That looks like eating my nightmares.

  4. chairface says:

    There are no words to describe its unholy, alien deliciousness.

  5. Gutierrez says:

    They say it has so much flavor it will drive you mad.

    You’d have to be insane to turn down street food of that caliber.

    That crazy twist of flavors everyone loves!

    … Okay, I’ll stop now.

  6. Felton says:

    “I like my food to move!

    -Cat, from Red Dwarf

  7. Anonymous says:

    Looks like okonomiyaki on a stick.


  8. Robert says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ve also been feeling a bit guilty about eating such a smart critter, then I recently learned that they lay around 200,000 eggs at once.

  10. xzor says:

    If this is an April fools joke, then someone really needs to make them anyway. Octopus is crazy delicious. It is like the most flavorful and wonderful bacon you have ever tasted. Tuna may be the chicken of the sea, but Octopus is the bacon of the sea. And everyone knows bacon is awesome. Never mind the fact that your food bites back. The suckers are just a little chewy.

    But seriously…if you don’t think you would like this then you are crazy. Everyone loves bacon. If you don’t love bacon then you are lying to yourself.

  11. absimiliard says:

    That looks yummy. Many things in there are things I like, a lot.

    -abs does admit that “Cthulhoid” is certainly the right adjective for it though, which is kind of creepy, but at least this time we’re eating THEM so it’s all good

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. alowishus says:

    “Cthulhoid” is my new favorite adjective.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure those are earthworms. ;)

  15. danegeld says:

    Is this foodstuff available in England?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I had a friend who was an IQarian, wouldn’t eat anything smarter than a chicken!

  17. Bonnie says:

    This isn’t an April Fool’s Joke, is it?

  18. Itsumishi says:

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen something on Flickr before seeing it Boing Boing later. It feels odd.

    I guess there must be other BoingBoing readers that are also regulars of The Commercial Creative Commons Photo Sampler?

    Which is an amazing website for anyone that hasn’t seen it.

    *Full disclosure, I am not affiliated with that website at all, but may be biased by the fact that it (well the Sister blog) was the first blog that I ever saw one of my shots featured.

  19. J France says:

    I almost resent BoingBoing (in conjunction with the internets and the BBC TV Science team) for my octopus education, they surely are delicious, but I can’t justify eating them anymore. Way too smart.

    Seems the smarter they are, the more delicious. Makes a dolphin pie almost doable…

  20. ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive says:

    octopi aren’t smart enough to keep me from eatin’ them!

  21. lochutus says:

    I had a friend who was an IQarian, never ate anything smarter than a chicken.

    Seems wrong to me, we should be eating the smart things before they evolve and overthrow us.

  22. rhinny says:

    Yep, Cory, I’m with you and #5 J France… I just can’t eat them any more. Boingboing has been mostly responsible for this. They’re too too smart.

  23. rain_globule says:

    So I am not the only person who has a problem with eating cephalopods then? The stories that I have heard from octopus owners all put their intelligence level high than that of my cat. I could never eat such a creature.

  24. lewis stoole says:

    why does this snapshot look like it is moving?

  25. Anonymous says:

    It took me a full four hours to realize that “just to clever” did not refer to the octupuses outwitting Cory.

  26. ecobore says:

    Have you read Arthur C Clarke’s ‘The Shining One’ … all about very smart giant squid…

  27. ecobore says:

    and now for a bad joke!
    There’s an octopus writhing around on the sea bed in pain and a passing whale stops to ask what’s wrong.. “Oh I ache all over” said the octopus…
    “jump on my back and I’ll take you to the vet” said the whale.. so off they swam.
    As they were passing a shark the whale with one deft flip of his tail flicked the octopus straight into the shark’s open mouth and called out without breaking pace..
    “here’s that sick squid I owed you” (for you non English people, that is SIX QUID! Six pounds!!! Told you it was bad!!!

  28. sleze says:

    Asking me to stop eating something because it is smart requires me to stop eating bacon…and you can take my bacon away from my cold, dead hands!

    • Ambiguity says:

      Asking me to stop eating something because it is smart requires me to stop eating bacon…and you can take my bacon away from my cold, dead hands!

      Your bacon must be seriously more intelligent than mine. Despite years of trying, I have been unable to prod by bacon into displaying any kind of intelligent behavior. Try as I may, it continues to use lay there, displaying no more intelligence than, say, a rock or twig.

      • absimiliard says:

        “Try as I may, it continues to use lay there, displaying no more intelligence than, say, a rock or twig.”

        A tasty, tasty, magical rock or twig . . .. . .

        -abs *drool*

  29. Anonymous says:

    Lets face it; a lot of Japanese cuisine is really based on a dare….

  30. Anonymous says:

    Um… what’s cthulhoid mean?

    • Fred H says:

      Cthulu: From the fiction of HP Lovecraft. Big, make-you-go-crazy looking at him, octopus dimensional god.

  31. toilet says:

    That looks yummy.

  32. nanuq says:

    “most cthuloid convenience food”

    Somebody is going to be in big trouble when He finally rises.

  33. ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive says:

    I draw the line at eating any animal with a college degree. If it’s from an accredited educational institution, I stand tall and say, NO! I SHALL NOT EAT THEE! (I might make an exception for animals with two year community college degrees if they look tasty.)

  34. Brainspore says:

    Those of us who are callous enough to continue eating octopus may take solace in the knowledge that octopus have no qualms whatsoever about eating other octopus.

  35. cymk says:

    I don’t care how smart they are, octopus is damn delicious. Now where the hell can I sample that awesome stick of win you have pictured Cory?

  36. Moriarty says:

    Maybe I’ve just never had it prepared decently, but the few times I’ve eaten octopus it’s just tasted like rubbery nothing. Giving it up would happen anyway.

    Bacon, too, doesn’t really do much for me. Good prosciutto crudo, though, wrapped around fresh buffalo mozzarella? The single greatest weapon against “IQarianism.”

  37. rockrobertson says:

    Baby Corn, Octopus Tentacles, Tempura. There has got to be something wrong with me, I wanted one on sight. And yes, octopus is like eating a white eraser, but still…

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