Behold! OSX on iPad! With Flash!

osx.jpg Not really! It's actually Desktop Connect, a $12 app that lets you patch into other computers using VNC or RDP, two desktop-sharing protocols. It's neat to be able to lounge in bed and mess with a computer from afar--the iPad's sweet spot (or sour spot, for the detractors) between cellphone and laptop makes it great for turn-based games. Hip, urban server administrators will also be delighted.
osx0.jpg Setup is easy, and a row of icons makes keyboard entry, including function keys, straightforward. But there are some caveats: the touchscreen magic dissolves to frustration with desktop operating systems, even when you set the remote resolution to be the same as the iPad's. It's much easier to use the precise mousing mode. osx1.jpg iTunes link [via Gizmodo's John Hermann, who pulled the trick with a more Macolyte-horrifying choice of OS]


  1. What’s the battery drain on that? It can’t be much, since the VNC’d computer is doing all the work.

    1. #1) I think you’re going to be unpleasantly surprised. That’s a lot of network traffic.

    2. With remote display, the majority of drain would come from network usage and image blitting.

      What API interface the app developer is using, how flaky the network connection is (forcing retransmission and error correction, with increased CPU/RAM usage), and the desktop size and image complexity are big drivers in resource consumption.

      My guess the total draw is equal to or significantly better than full-frame streaming video, and since algorithms in these apps hold unchanged image data in memory, updating only what has changed, situations where changes are mimimal – window position and typed data input for example, power usage would be relatively low!

      A person could work remotely with great effect with this app and a VPN client.

  2. It’d be nice if could act as a true wacom tablet with stylus and I could be able to operate heavy hitting software like Photoshop and After Effects from afar. Honestly, the main thing I hate about the iPad is how consumer oriented it is. For creators, its nearly useless.

  3. Good to know the steps you have to take to do something that should have been built into the device from the beginning.

    1. I had the same first thought, and I also came up with a good product slogan: “Desktop Connect for iPad: Almost as good as not buying an iPad in the first place.”

      Still, these tantalizing images make me wonder if perhaps we’ll see full OSes ported to this platform, freeing it from the App Store’s walled garden. A scaled down OS X would be a rather nice replacement for the scaled up iPhone OS.

  4. What should have been built in: Support for a third party proprietary runtime, or a VNC client?

  5. You just paid $12 for a program that has at least a dozen free equivalents of which at least half are open source. Apple should consider opening an snow ball shop in Alaska…

  6. I find this a little absurd, are you just going to look at your remote computer screen via the Wonka sized iPod Touch?

    That is all you will be able to do with this device/application.

    You won’t have a keyboard to interact, create, whatever (I don’t count that GUI keyboard as real). In addition, you won’t get any great video stream or flash interactivity at all (if anything even somewhat stable to begin with). Your desktop applications/games will lag considerably and your input is limited to mouse/finger clicks.

    This only leaves some very limited capabilities and none of them very useful.

    I wonder who is this application targeted?

    Apple apologists don’t need this functionality. According to them, the iPad is so great because it lacks the things a computer does (perhaps not the way they would put it, but at the heart of their argument non-the-less). The iPad to them is an appliance not a computer. The last time I checked, my dishwasher (a simple device that does the dishes very well…but nothing more) didn’t need to connect to my computers. In this case, why would the iPad?

    The bottom line is that this would not truly benefit a sysadmin (no keyboard) or even someone looking for extended functionality. This does not even count the fact that the target audience for the iPad (your mom) would never even consider it.

    This type of application is best served with a laptop (which is the remote method I use as sysadmin when needed). On a laptop, VNC works fantastic and the laptop has a keyboard, peripherals, and about 1000 other things it can do better than an iPad….you know, because it is a real computer.

    Finally, this application only reminds me again of how limited the iPad is and what shortcomings it has to begin with. It adds little to no value for the iPad. Nice try.

    1. As a network admin, I LOVE these apps. I have one on my iPhone and now one on my iPad, and it’s awesome for doing remote support. I can see what people are looking at without being in their office. And it’s really great when I’m “on the road” or otherwise out of the office for quick tech support.

      As for THIS app, does it have a local network browser? I have iTap VNC and it lacks a browser, which is annoying. I’d love to just see all the computers on my local network in a list.

    2. LOL

      I’m sure the millions of people who bought iPhones will now abandon their devices since kafeen on BoingBoing doesn’t consider the keyboard (that they’ve all been typing those tweets, Facebook entries, emails, SMS and notes with) real.

      Apple haters/Doctorow sycophants remind me of those people who still insist that vinyl records are the best.

  7. I cant wait for the day when the MacBooks will come with detachable iPad like screens.

    The harddrive, dvd drive and the intel processor could be in the base with an additional battery. An application like iDocs to manage all your office files (like iTunes) that can sync with the productivity apps. Large files may be streamed through wifi to avoid filling up space on the display.

    Practically a mac mini with keyboard + iPad. That would be a truly revolutionary device. will change the face of portable computing as we know it.

  8. Rob, I have to tell you I am titanically amused by the phrase “Hip, urban server administrators”. Thank you for that.

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    1. Then don’t buy one. It’s a media/social media delivery device. It is not designed to be a laptop replacement. If I need to do some photo editing, I will used my desktop. If I want to surf, read, or watch a movie, the iPad would be just fine.

      The only reason I didn’t buy a touch was screen size. I didn’t buy an iPhone because I didn’t need it. I might buy an iPad, I may not.

      1. That principled statement Cory made against the iPad would say a lot more if it wasn’t sandwiched between 20 fanboy articles about it.

        1. That principled statement Cory made against the iPad would say a lot more if it wasn’t sandwiched between 20 fanboy articles about it.

          What base are you counting in?

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  10. Really, how surprising?! I can do that on my iPhone now.

    There is a great Mac Specific iPhone ap version of RDP/VNC called RemoteTap. Has a Mac centric view of RDP with custom tasks/buttons etc. The best feature is a smart zoom that makes it work like a dream eve on the tiny screen.

  11. It would be nice if somebody could explain why an iPad is supposed to be better than a netbook.

    Because I’ve heard a HELL of a lot about iPads and so far, netbooks that cost the same are slaughtering them in every conceivable way.

    1. “It would be nice if somebody could explain why an iPad is supposed to be better than a netbook.”

      I bought into the netbook hype. I thought it would be an ultraportable computer that I could get some real work done on. It wasn’t. Not even a little bit. Tiny screen in the worst possible aspect ratio, horrible keyboard, hateful trackpad, terrible build quality, and abysmal performance. And that was from one of the top-tier manufacturers!

      Netbooks are roughly akin to shoving bamboo splinters under your fingernails. They’re overhyped status symbols for the geek elite who have become so cocksure about our place in the world that they’ve lost sight of — indeed, probably never understood — the most important thing: usability.

      It is not surprising that the geek elite fell into that trap. I am, in fact, a reformed geek — I’ve been a programmer for longer than most of you have been alive, I’ve coded for all the major OSs on the planet, and I’ve reveled and cheered the ascension of geeks to positions of power and authority. Unfortunately, the geek elite suffer from the same shortcomings that we did in the dark days of geeks being outcasts: we can’t see the forest for the trees. We rely on specifications instead of gestalt. We fap to stupid things like GHz and GiB instead of design, elegance, and integration. More is not better, stupid.

      So back to the question: why is an iPad supposed to be better than a netbook? Because it lets you focus on the task at hand, transparently, instead of fighting with the hardware. Because merely using it for even the simplest of tasks is an enjoyable experience. Because it lets you accomplish a huge variety of tasks in a very simple, straightforward manner. It is a useful, functional, multi-purpose computer.

      The fact that I have to explain this to you means, to me, that we of the geek elite have stumbled, and will soon fall back into our traditional role as outcasts to be shunned by all.

    2. It would be nice if somebody could explain why an iPad is supposed to be better than a netbook.

      I’m sure it’s not better at being a netbook than a netbook is. You’d probably be a fool to choose an iPad if you’re just planning to use it to compose blog posts and the like. By the same token, you’d have to be idiot not to see how the iPad is better for, say, reading the news on your subway commute.

    3. It is better, largely, because it doesn’t have all of the ‘features’ that netbooks have like keyboards, multiple I/O ports, pointing devices, full desktop centric OS / UI, etc.

      Can you even imagine the sort of gathering of friends or family that would include passing a netbook around to look at photo albums, etc. lol

  12. It’s nice to see what could have been, instead of the control-freak jail of a computer we got.

  13. Man, I keep hearing a noise in here, like there’s several mosquitoes or some other whining creature.

    1. Just to lower the conversation a few more pegs …

      Actually, I believe that was “fap, fap, fap” of another fanboy christening his iPad.

  14. For those that haven’t used it, VNC has been around as a remote desktop tool for quite a while. It’s pretty useful for remote admin/access of all kinds of things.

    It can be pretty handy for an on-the road or in-the-coffee-shop check in on a machine or whatever kind of quick access you need. You’re not going to do any kind of serious screen interaction (like play games) over this.

  15. It’ll be interesting to see whether newer Macs will accept full multitouch interface from this. That would be something to brag about, there.

  16. Here’s something really cool: OSXVNCserver has a mode where it can send a VNC desktop of a different dekstop than the one currently in use. that is, it will send the desktop that is fast-user-switched into the background. this allows the computer to function as a desktop server (like a sunray) with multiple users having different desktop sessions.

    combine this with an ipad as the client and you really have a cool way to multiplex your home computer for multiple users when you want too.

  17. I’m pessimistic on the ipad, but if you add something like desktop connect or a FLOSS equiv and throw in a house/office with a plug computer in each room…makers makers makers

  18. “Hip, urban server administrators will also be delighted.”

    So will people who can’t operate anything more complex than their own fingers.

  19. Nerdgos aflaming & a whole lot of weak fist shaking going on in here…

    Pretty hilarious.

    Steve brought us the iPad just to piss YOU off.

  20. Hip, urban server administrators will also be delighted.

    If you are running a server which requires a GUI to administer, you have already failed.

  21. The iPad hate is sad and funny, and the comparison to netbooks is downright hysterical.

    Declaring a netbook better than an iPad is like declaring a hammer better than a screwdriver. The two devices serve completely different purposes, and are aimed at completely different audiences.

    The iPad is clearly meant for: people who are uncomfortable with computers but want to use the internet; people who want a device that gives them optimized web/media access (read: not on a tiny-ass screen) and don’t need a complete computer; kids; the elderly.

    Netbooks are clearly meant for: geeks (did I leave anyone out?).

    The iPad is going to be viewed as a godsend by a lot of tech-phobic people, and it’s weak that a bunch of techno-weenies feel the need to lord it over everyone who doesn’t similarly care about configuring their Xterm scrollbars. Some people just want to check their email and surf the web, without having to futz around with Ubuntu or Windows, driver conflicts, and all the other unnecessary cruft involved with using a netbook or laptop, and there’s really nothing wrong with that at all.

    I didn’t buy one, and may not buy one, but I did go to check one out today at the Apple store. It’s a pretty cool device, and one that is clearly pointing towards a future of easy-to-use computing appliances that the layperson can utilize.

    Anyone moaning about it because it’s insufficiently arcane and complex to use is a bonehead. Please, go back to your Victrola and STFU.

    1. Great rebuttal, but next time, for maximum impact, don’t try arguing that the iPad is “people who are uncomfortable with computers” in an article about a $12 VNC client designed specifically to let your iPad communicate with your other computer that is running software that most kids and the elderly, not to mention most “normal folks” couldn’t even name, never mind install.

  22. Since this thread has become one more Apple vs the rest of the world discussio, I would like to add my 2cts: I agree this is a very cool looking device, which has no real use at all basically (it doesn’t add new functionalities, capacities or power, just a new nice form factor), and it’s VERY expensive: as such, I consider it as a luxury gadget. I cannot afford one. 500 euros is definitely putting this gadget beyond the reach of most of the people. The iPhone was affordable only given the subsidizing by the carriers, the iPad is not. I still would love to own one, but it’s definitely out of the question. And my point in stating this, is that I subsequently feel that there’s TOO MUCH MEDIA COVERAGE of this product launch, and it makes me feel really uncomfortable, like, f**k, I am on the wrong side of the barrier. I am a hard working man though. My wife works hard too.

    It’s cool, but sorry people, it’s a minor, private event that will not change the world. Next launch of a new Chanel perfume will be a nice event too, and will not change the world either. Can we do with a bit less Apple, and a bit more of everything else?

  23. A good sign that Boing Boing has hit the sweet spot of Apple press… Apple fans are whining that BB is unfair to the iPad, Jobs, and Motherhood; Apple haters are whining that BB is kissing Apple’s ass. Hilarious.

  24. Why is the iPad so popular? Because it can open more then one window at a time? Because It is bigger then an iPod Touch? It is more easier to carry around then a lap top? You tell me! I do not have one of those widgets because I have a iPod Touch and an iPad costs like a million bucks (not literly) and I find a iPod Touch good enough.

  25. I can imagine somone building a tiny portable PC with no UI except for VPN to an IpAD. That would get you flash, and the rest of the desktop apps that you want.

  26. Apple managed to kill GPL. $12 for a software that’s free on EVERY basic computer platform? My Windows CE PDA did that 15 years ago, for free!

  27. you kids have fun with your iTHINGIES. How awesome is it that you can now exercise even less by checking your email from bed? Can’t wait for the boing boing post about the surprising continued increase in obesity!

    Oh, and, yes, vinyl IS best! Listening to it now…

  28. Sell me a netbook for $499 with a capacitive touchscreen (and the same amount of screen real estate) — and I’ll buy it.

    I have a quad-core with lots of RAM and HD storage space, and I use it to play WoW, to send and receive email, to write, and to check my Facebook. I expect it will still be used for most of those tasks most of the time.

    However, with my iPad, I’ll be able to lie in bed reading a book, which is where I prefer to read. I often read books on my Desktop now, and sometimes on my iPod Touch. I was going to buy the Kindle DX, which is a whopping $10 less, but also does significantly less.

    I’ve used the Kindle for extended periods, and the e-ink is nice, but the web and Word has made me perfectly comfortable reading text off an LCD.

    If you don’t understand the appeal of navigating with a fingertip, then you probably can’t understand the appeal of the iPad.

    The wife and I have been waiting for an inexpensive device like the iPad for a long time. We are glad that it has finally arrived. It meets nearly of our casual computing needs… social networking (Facebook, primarily), IMing, YouTube, eBooks, email, reading blogs and RSS feeds. We can lay in bed together, reading, browsing the web, and sharing stupid videos. If those sorts of things are not of interest to you, then don’t buy an iPad.

  29. soubriquet, my advice as one who’s had their account blocked several times is to not put your energy into changing BB – it won’t change. Put your energy into offering alternate views that aren’t just controversial or insulting. Those get you nowhere with nobody no matter where you go.

    A good post might be, “Man I could use a banana post right now”. It’s funny, it’s neutral, but it’s got a ton of undertone about other kinds of posts BB is known for. Plus it’s inclusive.

  30. I use VNC all the time to use my home system from the road. Sure, you can’t play games or watch video unless you have a super fast connection, and yes, it uses lots of bandwidth. The bandwidth is a moot point if you’re on WiFi (except, a poor connection makes it unusable).

    I do email, browse the web, edit images, edit programs and more through VNC. It’s great for that. Even at home, I use my laptop to connect to the desktop. So, I could see this being very useful!

    However, even though $12 isn’t much, having to pay for what is free on every other system (and giving Apple their cut) makes me realize what a scam the iPad is. No, I won’t be buying one. There will be tablets with just as nice hardware and infinitely better software (i.e. an OS with freedom) available within 12 months … I’ll wait for that. I’d even rather buy an MS Courier than this thing.

  31. classic01, chill out. There are several free VNC & RDP clients available on the App store, and neither Windows CE nor VNC existed 15 years ago.

  32. See, as a poor college student who’s used both a PSP and an ipod touch to browse the net, I can definitely appreciate the purpose this thing serves. It’s a simple, easy to use device meant for general information/communication oriented tasks while you’re on-the-go. Where I can see myself growing frustrated with it, is in the lack of multitasking, limited hardware/interface options, etc. I can see genuine, next-gen tablet PCs (and we all know a ton are now being developed) coming out of this thing’s shadow on the market share. Just look at all the wonderful new smartphones that are competing with Apple’s own offering. I’m not saying that they’re solely to blame for that boost in technological development, but they definitely played a big role in it.

    Even if you don’t like the iPad, be thankful that it’s come out. You don’t have to use it, but you can sure reap the benefits as more and more companies begin competing for your hard-earned geek money.

  33. WHOA.. aren’t you -= ALL =- missing the point here?

    The iPad requires you to PURCHASE a vnc client. Also in regards to iPhone and iPad, Apple actively prohibits de-facto web standards such as Flash!

    Sure, Flash might be a bane to SEO and is not an open standard.. but as a content delivery platform it really earns it’s top spot. The only reason Apple doesn’t like Flash is because it would eliminate a fair portion of apps on the app store.. why buy the game when you can play a flash version for free? But Flash is only an indicator of the bigger problem, that Apple wants to be paid at every turn for every application regardless of who produces it.

    SO they take the iPhone software distribution model and apply it to the next must-have hardware product. Don’t cry when Apple comes out with OS XI and requires you to buy your desktop software in much the same way.

    And yet again, now that Apple has blazed the trail Micro$uck is sure to follow.

    Happy Easter!!

    1. BigB the iPad doesn’t require you to purchase a VNC client. Just that the first one out there is for pay. Soon enough someone will put a free one out there if there’s enough demand. I’ve got a free SSH term on my iPhone for example, which is just as good as the pay ones for my needs.

      1. “I’ve got a free SSH term on my iPhone for example, which is just as good as the pay ones for my needs.”

        OOOOhhhh! What’s it called? I can’t find it anywhere, despite looking hard…tx in advance :(

    2. “The iPad requires you to PURCHASE a vnc client”

      First of all, that’s patently false. The iPad doesn’t have some magical mind-control feature that forces people to purchase anything at all.

      Second, the fact that this third-party vnc client costs money has everything to do with the developer and nothing at all to do with Apple. There’s nothing stopping someone from releasing a *free* vnc client for the iPad and distributing it through the Apple store.

      Third, flash is a closed standard. It is the height of hypocrisy to berate Apple from creating an allegedly closed platform in one breath and then criticize them for not supporting a closed standard in the next.

      Pick a side and stick to it, FFS. Selectively choosing which side of the fence you’re on just to spew hate makes it clear that your only purpose here is to spew hate.

    3. BigB, first, did you even bother to read the comment posted two above your own? Stooge at ct #44 point out that there are several free VNC & RDP clients in the App Store. So no, the iPad does not require you to purchase a VNC client.

      Second, no, the reason (three reasons, actually) that Apple doesn’t support Flash on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch is that Flash is a CPU hog, causes a lot of crashes, and is proprietary. The Mac version of Flash is just not as good as the Windows version — it’s slower, and crashes more often. Adobe has treated the Mac like a second-class citizen. Why should Apple accept that kind of behavior?

      Apple does support HTML5 and H.264 video, which can do everything Flash does, but are open standards. If Safari’s HTML5 canvas performance turns out to be slow on the iPad, Apple’s programmers can fix it. If they relied on Flash, they’d be relying on Adobe’s programmers to fix it, which is something Adobe hasn’t seemed willing to do.

      1. Avram, those are pretty much Apple’s official reasons for not allowing Flash on their platform, but they lose some credibility when you consider the question “Why doesn’t Apple allow Java?”. Java is pretty close to being completely open and it would seem unlikely that accusations of instability or inefficiency would stick when the CPUs on all iPhones and iPads are capable of directly executing Java bytecode.

        The real reason is that Apple simply don’t want code executing on their devices unless it’s doing so through their APIs.

        1. Stooge said…

          The real reason is that Apple simply don’t want code executing on their devices unless it’s doing so through their APIs.

          Which of course brings up the followup question of, “And why is that?”

          Personally, I think Apple always has been (with the Mac) and always will be about controlling the experience to make it consistent. Consistency translates into usability. Usability combined with usefulness translates into markets. Predictability makes people come back to those markets.

          I know the car analogy has been driven (har) into the ground, but imagine if you could rearrange all the controls in your car after you bought it to whatever you wanted. Now imagine what the nightmare would be of buying a used car? “I turn the wheel right to speed up and left to slow down, and the pedals are to turn left and right?” Or imagine if dealerships could do that to new cars before you bought them new? “Liberty Motors – Home of the stickshift turn signal!” Buying a car would be a pain.

          Apple wants you to just hop in and go. They don’t want you to run some app and get confused because the developer decided they could do the UI “better” than Apple. I’m not saying this is right if they do this (if it’s what they are doing at all) mind you. But I think that’s their motivation.

    4. Flash might be a bane to SEO

      Nowadays, it’s only if you don’t know how to properly implement Flash will it negatively affect SEO.

      Sigh… so many “experts” coming out of the woodwork lately who don’t actually know what they are talking about.

      Don’t cry when Apple comes out with OS XI and requires you to buy your desktop software in much the same way.

      Ok, this is just getting silly. I don’t like the Mickey Mouse OS X version on the iPad at all, but there’s no chance in hell Apple would ever put that type of OS on their Macs. It would lead them to bankruptcy in no time.

      The only reason Apple doesn’t like Flash is because it would eliminate a fair portion of apps on the app store

      That’s not the only reason. Flash is also happens to be a CPU hogging, insecure piece of shit. No one wants their phone to crash or get hacked.

      Apple wants to be paid at every turn for every application regardless of who produces it.

      There are free apps in iTunes for the iPhone. The damn iPad just came out yesterday. So there’s not a free app for VNC yet and you are whining about it… the NEXT day? Are you serious?

      1. Flash is more than a bane to SEO, it’s also a bane to accessibility. It also breaks the UI. It’s also mainly used for “Punch the Monkey” ads.

        Boo, Flash.

        1. >Flash is more than a bane to SEO

          Didn’t say I loved Flash to death or anything, so you can relax there…. but the fact remains that if you implement Flash properly it’s not a bane to SEO… at all (nor breaks the UI if you, once again, implement it properly.

          That said, I’ll be glad when Flash dies or mutates into something far more open.

  34. Avram, and all.. sorry I neglected to read 2 posts up. Actually I was typing so long I just didn’t see them till after I published =). You’re right, you can d/l free apps including some VNC ones.. my bad.
    Bump to Stooge’s java comments though, and when is HTML5/CSS3 going to have an IDE on any platform? Waiting waiting waiting.. Flash is a mature product, tons of content, 99+% market penetration (excluding iPad/iPhone), and has a developer willing to fix it’s issues. It all comes down to Apple on this one I’m afraid.

    And Modern Jess, FFS blow me. I love apple products but the hate I spew is directed towards the app-store business model. It puts a damper on innovation and quick-to-market ideas that may not fit Apple’s arcane application process.

    Sorry if this thread hijacked the blog.

    To 2-cent the main topic, VNC on iPad rocks! I love that multi-touch is really hitting the mainstream and yup as a server admin too I can really see it’s use as a mobile terminal..

    Bump to Dan Fan #30 too, iPad is Apples to Oranges in the netbook world. It’s a completely different experience than a stripped down XP or Win7 or Ubuntu running on underperforming hardware, which is all that netbooks seem to be these days.

  35. New rule – You’re not allowed to whine about how bad a product is until you’ve actually touched it.

    Note: Syphilis is NOT a product, and is therefore exempt from this rule.

  36. I was one who believed Flash would not soon find a replacement in open standards, until I saw what Google engineers “just goofing around” were able to do with HTML 5, namely port Quake 2 to HTML 5, capable of being run in any modern browser without a proprietary plug-in. If you haven’t seen it, check it out:

    As for Adobe’s Flash, they have neglected the Mac platform for too long and deserve this shunning from Apple. The Flash plug-in on OS X works OK, but it’s a complete resource hog. Apple products will do fine without Flash, but Adobe will be economic idiots if they shun Apple with their other products. Learn the lesson, swallow hard, and move on.

    1. I think if Adobe is smart, they will work on development tools (or just an export from Flash Professional) that let you implement animations, etc. in HTML5. If they or someone else has already made a WYSIWYG dev tool for this, someone please enlighten me.

  37. Good to know the steps you have to take to do something that should have been built into the device from the beginning I have iTap VNC and it lacks a browser, which is annoying. I’d love to just see all the computers on my local network in a list.

    memory card reader

  38. This is just pure awesomeness, I thought of it as soon as I even heard what an iPad was.. I really wish it was designed a more OS X like OS then what it does, I understand that the current OS is for mobile and speed but it would be cool if it was slightly more desktop-like with more functionality, but I guess will have to see where the apps take us. I also find it cool that you can use a mouse with jailbreak, that would be really awesome for a mobile photoshop and layers ! Adding this post to thanks alot !

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