Home made lapsteel guitar

This guy's home made lapsteel guitar sounds really sweet. (Thanks, Steve!)


  1. FREEBIRRRRD!!!!!!

    Seriously, that was nice. I played geetar for years and my brother gave me a beautiful 1930s National New Yorker lap steel. I was dumbstruck by how difficult it was to play and actually have it sound good. This guy makes it look easy. I just wanna say that it ain’t.

  2. was gonna skip this until i saw it was “lonesome whistle.” a great tune, and extremely soulfully played, too.

    Hank Sr. FTW!

  3. The “sounds really sweet” bit is pretty much all in this guy’s playing ability, building a lapsteel guitar is actually about as easy as instrument building gets.

    I’m all about building your own instruments (made my own electric), so kudos to that guy in general, but add me to the list of people who is rather impressed by the clean, smooth slide playing (which I can’t do for beans).

  4. davee5, you are right. but even a lap steel project can be borked to sound like crap. this one sounds beautiful. enough wood. nice amp settings. he can even play quite a bit, so it seems like he built the lap steel to actually play it and not for some occupational therapy.

    i saw some really bad homemade lap steel guitars and like his instrument from what i can see and hear.


  5. That was lovely, and just the kind of music I needed to hear (for some inexplicable reason).

    Homemade instruments are awesome, and this guy can really play his well.

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