Iowa teen crafts prom dress from gum wrappers

A teenager in Iowa made her prom dress — and a matching vest for her date — out of blue gum wrappers. It's actually kind of pretty!


  1. ugh. cool story, but the misspelling on that page bothers me. especially from a so-called news service.

    1. Agreed. Interesting that she’s using a protective “vinal” coat. Is it anything like vinyl?

      It seems to be a transcript from video, but you would think they would at least strip out some of the “like”s and run it through spell-check.

      Great dress, though :)

  2. Like, I was reading like the article and couldn’t, you know, like make sense of it due to the like, “likes”

    I’m surprised at the lack of misused ‘literally’ in there, as they usually go hand-in-hand, like, literally hand-in-hand.

  3. Hello! it is about the skill and ingenuity of a young woman. What a remarkable young lady. Your comments re the accuracy of spelling and style have merit but what about the dress? Clearly you munchkins do not have the slightest idea how complex or challenging such an undertaking is.It’s all about The Dress.

  4. Girls have been doing this for a long time. A girl I knew in high school back in the 90s made her prom dress out of Juicy Fruit wrappers.

  5. Inventive girl-sweet boyfriend too.

    Great job to all of you spell checkers and grammar nudges-you really know how to spell and grammaticize.

  6. shame about the vinyl coating. Be much easier to tear off her at the end of the night without it.

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