Toy tests your ability to endure electrical shock


The latest from Brando, the Hong Kong based manufacturers of odd electronic curiosities -- a $20 game to test your ability to endure an increasingly powerful jolt of electricity.


- How Long can you hang on? A Great Party Fun Game.

- The First Person to let go of the shock handles is the WIMP!

- It brings EXTREME FUN to your party, family and office!

- Test your nerves against your opponent with shocking duel

- Simple to play

- Functions: party, home and office fun

- Dimensions: Handle Base Diameter x Height(approx.): 99 x 115 mm

- Battery: AAA battery x 3 pieces (not included)

The Strongest Shocking Duel


    1. Why’d you think solder and battery posts are made of it?

      It’s not only a good conductor, it’s very easily bonded to other metals. There’s always a danger of corrosion destroying the connection between two current-carrying metal objects, so sink ’em both in lead and there’s no longer any gap for corrosion to form in.

      Gold’s even better. Must’ve been a pound of gold in the old Tek scopes we threw out in the 60s.

      1. Actually, a lot of solder these days doesn’t contain lead. There’s a directive called RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) that aims to reduce or eliminate lead and five other bad things in electronics. It’s an EU thing, but there are similar things in place in other countries.

  1. Being overly macho and competitive, I’d be challenging fools to duels all the live long day.

    But anyone taking this in for some “office fun” would be in front of either a judge or an HR Inquisitor General in short order.

  2. This could prove interesting in some circles as women generally have a higher tolerance for pain than men.

  3. I bought 3 of these on woot a long time ago. Literally, hours of entertainment watching my kids play with them. It’s interesting to see the effects it has on people too. You always get one of three responses: immediate pain, absolutely no pain through all the levels, and the middle person who can tolerate enough pain just to hang on and no look like a wimp.

    I want another one!

  4. I’ve played with versions of these on arcade machines before, moderately interesting.

    Don’t hurt nearly as much as 220VAC up your arm.

  5. I purchased one of these a few years back and it was defective. It made noise when turned on but no electric shock. I returned it for a shocking Hot-Potato like game and this post makes me think I regraded my upgrade to a downgrade.

  6. I bet its fake.

    It’s cheaper to substitute vibration for actual shocking. I’ve seen it used in arcade games (accompanied by a shocking sound effect) in Germany and it is really hard to tell that you arent actually getting shocked.

    Faking it with vibration would also slow the effects of lawsuits against the manufacturers.

    1. Rob – This thing is not fake at all. I have a coworker that owns the “Electric Shock Lightning Action” game also sold through Brando and regularly brings it out at work parties. Slowest person to react to a musical chairs-style countdown gets a shock. It’s a definite electrical shock that does cause pain, not just a vibration. It’s comparable to getting snapped with a rubber band, but the pain doesn’t linger (in my experience).

      My college roommates and I used to shock each other with a cheap stun gun we bought for a robot project (actually just an RC car with a stun gun that we could chase people with). Despite our pre-Med roommate’s warnings that one shock would cause us to lose all bowel control, we found that it was a great prank to play on the right person. No underwear changes required. To reiterate, we definitely had a weak stun gun, but a fresh 9V battery would greatly boost the shock. Putting the contact points on your arm could cause muscle twitching as well.

      Touching your own arm with electrodes crackling with blue lightning is a great way to project badass-ness, and far less painful than putting out a cigar on your palm. Too bad I’ll probably never have a need to do either, since I tend to rely on using puppy-dog eyes or running away to settle conflicts.

  7. The grandfather of a childhood friend of mine collected old mechanical and electromechanical games… old shooting games, slot machines, pinball machines, and the like. I guess they were the arcade games before video games. One of the machines was basically this. There were two metal knobs that looked like doorknobs. One was static, the other one turned. You’d put in your penny or nickel, whatever the currency was, and grab hold of both knobs. Then you’d rotate the left one, increasing the strength of the electrical shock, til you had to let go. I think there were numbers showing how manly you were. There were also some health claims on the device (“purifies the blood” and so on).

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  9. Generic Photoshop Lightning

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    If you want the lightning to go from point A to B replace “Render Clouds” step with a simple gradient.

    I am mocking the add, but this is an immensely useful technique. For instance to create a tiling marble texture make your new document size a power of 2 square and skip the ctrl+I step.

  10. This has the added benefit of teaching how to endure the inevitable taser shots. You know, for kids!

  11. Somewhere in the afterlife, Stanley Milgram is laughing his ass off. Well, maybe not laughing, precisely….

  12. This same company is releasing a knock-off “Slip ‘n Slide – Gitmo Edition” this summer.

  13. Me and my brother had a similar game when we were kids, only we used to poke each other with sharp sticks. My mom put an end to that pretty quick.

  14. not as fun as sticking broken umbrella spokes directly into an outlet. back in high school, we used to do this. have one guy stick it in the outlet, grab the metal frame of the sucker next to you, then have the guy on the other side touch ground. we’d all get a terrible shock… but boy it was fun.

  15. We played this game in Jr. High School only it involved a 9 volt battery, some copper wiring, and holding hands in a circle while someone touched the leads. For some reason the fat kid always won.

  16. It had been test-marketed first by Nintendo as the Wii Shock, but the US Armed Forces threatened a lawsuit, saying that the name had been copyrighted.

  17. Toy!? Who needs a toy. Just go to TJ. The guy with the car battery hooked to the steel grips will find you, believe me. And you thought your whole body seized up from the food and beer…

  18. I have one of these types of games, the “shocking roulette” game and its LOADS of fun!

    there is a built-in detector if someone is trying to cheat and not touch the contacts, it’ll play a sound and flash on the player thats trying to cheat.

  19. For pretty much the same experience, you can argue with random people on the internet about whether you’ve ever needed to reinstall Windows XP.

  20. the old wooden and brass version of this game was my favorite at the Disneyland Main Street Penny Arcade.

  21. this isn’t anything new. I remember these in arcade game halls about 35 or more years ago. For a quarter plugged into the machine one would grab onto these movable handles. as you moved them the voltage would increase and be recorded by a dial that indicated your tolerance for self-inflicted pain.

    1. my high school friend’s dad collected old slot machines, and every couple of weeks we’d go hang out in his basement and spend the entire night pumping quarter/nickel/dime after quarter/nickel/dime into these relics. he had one of those shocking machines, and the thing was fucking ridiculous. the electric buzz from grabbing the two knobs was alone almost too much, and turning the one on the right seemed to increase the shock exponentially every millimeter. maybe i was just a young wussy then, though.

      i have seen demos of a similar shocking game posted here at spencer’s… the concept is almost the same, except each of four people holds his own handle, and one of them will get shocked. Kind of boring. I like the idea of a gradual increase and last to let go wins. Though I hear these can be dangerous for your heart. Be a good drinking game anyway.

  22. The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1 often plays with various shock games. There is one with a timer that would randomly shock someone when it went off. And there was a game that an answer was programmed into and you got a shock if you got the question wrong.
    It’s a very entertaining thing to listen to on the radio because everyone shreiks. However it always confused me that there were toys like that in the UK.

  23. In the name of all that’s holy, do not attempt shoplifting these by slipping them down your pants!

  24. I remember building this from a kit in middle school during Electronics shop class. It ran on batteries and had a little dial to control the amount of current to two metal tubes used as electrodes.

    These were quite common in Mexico, where guys would go around to bars at night and charge money so you could show off your machoness in your ability to withstand electric shock.

  25. I’ve had one of these for several years, purchased at the aptly-named

    It works great and I can assure you the shocks are real. If you get two tough guys playing with nobody willing to give up, the shocks escalate to where they really hurt.

    I’m sure it’s harmless, but just in case I decided to give mine away after I had heart surgery :)

  26. Considering the batteries this must be like the flyback circuit in a CRT TV. High voltage but no current to speak of. It damps out quickly. In the case of a real shock two things can happen. If a person has been shocked before their body will cause them to withdraw rather violently. Banging your head, fracturing your arm by hitting something are typical. If one is well grounded like in a bathroom or garage the shock will paralyze the nerves and you won’t be able to let go. Rule number two when poking about in a hot cabinet is to keep one hand in your pocket. A hand to hand shock goes through the heart. Rule number one is don’t be so stupid as to put yourself in harms way.

  27. I am guessing the myth that women have a higher pain threshold is rooted in the pain of childbirth, but from the studies I have seen the opposite is true. Which makes sense since men have fewer nerve endings on the surface of the skin.

  28. We had a game like this in school when I was about 8. It was a Russian piece called “Viderzhaj pioner”, translated “Hold on, pioneer*”. I never saw it in action, it used some weird battery.
    Pioneers were members of a state funded youth organization, the Hitlerjugend of the communist block.

  29. I’m not buying them until I can use them as control joysticks for playing global thermonuclear war with Blofeld.

  30. Worst shock I ever got: forgetting I’d shoved TWO dog Invisible Fence collars in my pants pocket. I have two big, excitable mutts, so both were at full strength.

    Four prongs to the – oh, let’s say the inner thigh. Thank God it was through a thin layer of cloth.

    I shouted, but not from pain: it was more because my contracting muscles shoved all the air out of my lungs. Also, I fell over on my face.

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