Earth from Mars


Above: the first image ever taken of Earth from the surface of a planet beyond the Moon. Photographed by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit one hour before sunrise on the 63rd Martian day, or sol, of its mission. (March 8, 2004).

Earth From Mars (flickr / NASA)


  1. …so far away. Looks cold out there. Gonna bake some cookies for our robot buddies in the sky.

  2. Well that’s sorta how Mars looks from where we all are, so that’s really not all that surprising.

    1. Except that, like Venus and Mercury, you’d only be able to see it at dawn or dusk. And because it would be a crescent shape, it wouldn’t be nearly as bright.

    1. on a real clear night, could you see the Moon also?

      Well, maybe, but the Moon isn’t nearly as bright as the Earth. The Moon looks “white” in our sky because there’s no brighter reflective disk up there to compare it to, but as an object it is actually dark gray.

      This should really be obvious from well-known photos

      but psychologically people are resistant to the idea.

      On top of that, it’s much smaller than the Earth.

  3. Awesome. Simply awesome.

    And I look forward to the day that “You are Here” arrow reaches the bottom of the image…

  4. That is awesome! Reminds me of the fact that not all the exciting stuff happened for my parents’ generation.

    (Yeah, genetics and computers and LHCs are exciting too, but you know what I mean.)

  5. Spirit news!! We miss you, Spirit!

    When the news broke that NASA would stop trying to free Spirit from its thick, soupy grave, I made as a simple “mock-u-morial”. It was sort of a joke at the time… but what an impressive image this is. Quite moving.

    Spirit, you will be missed indeed.

  6. An inconspicuous point of light
    against the bastion
    and citadel of the stars.
    (Carl Sagan).

    These are the true miracles of our times

  7. Hey… so that our earth is very very small and we are small too. Thus we can’t reach the end of the universe…
    so… if we can reach the end of the universe…
    what things can be exist out of the universe… wow..very

  8. Cause it isn’t one. It’s a “this box is an enlargement of this area here” arrow.

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