Tattoos by food lovers

eggtattoo.jpeg The OC Weekly has photos of a dozen individuals who love a certain type of food so much that they got tattoos of it. Here, a man whose head is covered with eggs, bacon, and hash browns.

One dozen unique food tattoos [via NotCot]


  1. i got “this is my brain on drugs” when i 1st looked at this picture. guess i missed the food angle completely?

  2. bloodshot sunny-side-up eggs?
    I got “nice bird-shit target” when I first looked at the picture…

  3. Not that these tattoos aren’t excellent, but they could become a liability if these people ever in a group of starving people (Donner party, lifeboat, etc.) trying to decide whom to eat first.

  4. The Vegan one is the best, but I’m also happy to see that someone saw fit to immortalize Chicago-style dogs.

  5. my wife’s a chef, and she has a toque w/crossed wusthof knives as a backpiece, and a glass shaker slinging salt over her left shoulder.

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