Butcher's cuts anatomical tee

Penfold sez, "A useful t-shirt depicting the cuts of meat one might use to butcher a human. Ever wondered where your tenderloin is? This shirt is a great ice-breaker when meeting cannibals. It would also be handy for coping with a desert island/mountainous plane crash survival (Your friends' survival, obviously, not yours. Now that's altruism) situation."

My physiotherapist has a funny habit of pointing to bits of my back and going, "Right, I'd like you to think about flexing this part right here under your left sirloin." Funnily enough, this turns out to be a pretty good way to align my conscious will with my prioperception.

(Love this. Penfold, can you drop me an email please? I'd love to talk further with you about the possibilities for the design, but you didn't put your email in the submission.)

They're made out of meat!


  1. Love the suit. Sorry, the shirt…

    This reminds me of an old illustration I once saw of a poor sod standing in a market, presumably about to be sold off. There were marks indicating meat cuts drawn on him. I may be off in one or all of these descriptions as this was years ago. Would like to find it again to see if the image is as disturbing as my memory of it… anyone remember the picture?

    1. I think it was the butcher shop in Gahan Wilson’s volume “Even Weirder” 1996. Highly recommended!

  2. Nice idea! Made me smile.

    Shame the typography is so boring though. Anyone else feel a little like this is inviting people to stab you too?!

    1. This t-shirt, right here, is exactly why I don’t eat land animals.

      You can take that ugly pro-whaling attitude elsewhere, mister.

  3. Sounds like the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, could do with one of these…..

  4. “Prioperception” is also known as Proprioception for people not familiar with neuroanatomy and physiology.

    1. That people are delicious, too? Cool!

      My only question is: where’s the filet! (oh, never mind, I looked it up and it’s part of the tenderloin?)

  5. Ooh, I’d wear one of those! It would have to be pretty fitted though – not much use if it’s all loose, and the tenderloin markings are shifting all over the place.

  6. Thanks for the positive comments!
    I particularly like the ambiguous interpretation of the shirt being pro- or anti-meat.
    The shirt hasn’t been made yet, but it has been submitted to Threadless.com.
    It should undergo public voting in the next few days; if enough people like it, it will get made. If you’d like to help it get printed, please go and vote for it! You can do this at:



  7. People with pain in their sirloins often think that it’s their kidneys, though they’re higher (closer to the fore rib section).

  8. You know those guys you see with the
    CUT HERE————————————-CUT HERE
    tatts on their necks or, more rarely, wrists? Funnily enough, some folks are apt to take them up on the offer. I’d be very careful where I wore this shirt.

  9. To all the vegetarians posting, I’m glad you have a shirt like this to rep your beliefs.

    Personally, it just makes me want to eat people.

  10. is it waterproof or wipe-clean? otherwise it’s gonna be real difficult to read after the first cut

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