Funny photo-essay on how things are against us


I'm not sure if Christoph Niemann knows about the theory of Resistentialism (in a nutshell: inanimate objects conspire to make our lives difficult), but he nails it in this funny photo-essay in The New York Times about how things are against us. It's called The Haunted Household.

(Related: the Things Are Against Us blog, where I feature some of my favorite examples of Resistentialism.)


  1. I am so pleased that this phenomenon has been observed and documented by someone else…I recently formulated a similar hypothesis, myself, after cleaning out my garden shed, and encountering several improvised Rube-Goldberg-style booby-traps, that employed all six types of simple machines, in series, such that I concluded that NO HUMAN MIND could EVER devise such a sophisticated cluster@#$ of random brik-a-brak capable of unleashing such a sustained fusillade of cacophony and profanity!

    When it was all over, all I could do was be grateful that my tetanus vaccinations were current, and wonder at the motivations of all that stuff, that apparently hates me so…

  2. There was Jan Svankmajer’s shorts, ‘the Flat’. Don’t miss it if you like this kind of stuff.

  3. good essay!

    …though they did forget about the washer & dryer that always seem to eat a sock or two.

  4. Edgar Allen Poe called this the Perversity of the Inanimate. It’s so true. Things are sick bastards.

  5. Robert Benchley wrote about this about 70 years ago, and quite amusingly. The malice of everyday objects, and how they were out to get him.
    Has anyone else read it?

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