Ewok song karaoke

It's not a karaoke party until someone sings the Ewok celebration song: yub-nub!

May the schwartz be with you: Ewok Karaoke (via Digg)


  1. I once saw the piano sheet music to this, which had the Ewok lyrics translated into English. It went:

    We’ve got, Freee-dom,
    And now that we are free,
    Come on and cel-i-brate!

    sigh… The best thing that ever could have happened to Return of the Jedi’s reputation was the three prequel movies.

  2. When I first saw the lyrics “translated” a little while back, I was very confused by the “celebrate the love” part. These vicious guys just went on a very violent killing spree and they want to celebrate the love?

    But who am I to judge alien teddy bear cultures…

    1. I was very confused by the “celebrate the love” part.

      They were referring to Luke and Leia. Ewoks are just wookies who’ve been sleeping with their siblings for a few centuries.

  3. we actually sang this song in choir back in high school. At the time, I thought I had one of the coolest choir directors out there.

  4. I was about 3 or 4 and became completely enamored of this song. My Dad had just passed away and my Mom was kind of desperate for something to brighten up our home. We weren’t exactly rolling in dough, but she saved up and bought me a tape recorder and a friend of ours made a tape of just this song, over and over, on both sides. Yes, she also bought headphones to save her sanity.

    I listened to that tape til the batteries wore out.

    And for Halloween…yeah, I was an Ewok. And so was my mom.

    My Mom passed a couple years back, this post just gave me a wonderful little reminder of just how lucky a kid I was, thanks Cory.

  5. This brings me back. Ever since my VHS tapes of the original original trilogy (read: not the shitty “Special Edition”), this song at the end of Jedi is one of the things I miss the most. I still shudder as I fast forward past the godawful extra musical scene in Jabba’s palace.

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