HOWTO make a t-shirt printer

The Hack-a-Day folks have written up a HOWTO for making your own t-shirt printer (that is, a printer that runs directly onto the tee, instead of onto a heat-transfer). The real item will cost you $5-10K, but you can hack your own out of pressboard, miscellaneous hardware, and an old inkjet printer.

How-to: DIYDTG (Thanks, Jakob!)


  1. “The real item will cost you $5-10K”
    Pardon me? I think you mean the retail item.
    Hacks are real, m’kay?

  2. too lazy to register :)

    Thanks for this (and all your other useful, funny, interesting links)

    1. Treat the shirt with Bubble Jet Set ( to set the ink.

      This assumes you use dye-based ink on your printer. Pigment-based inks (such as those used in Kodak printers) are much less colorfast, even with heat and chemical setting.

  3. This is a really cool idea. It goes to show that the $5-10k version is a seriously over priced piece of engineering. The only real problem that I see is the ink will just wash off. May be someone out there can find a solution? How about a die-sublimation printer instead?

    1. Amen. This is clever, but it seems like a solution in search of a problem.

      (Plus, there’s the washing problem.)

  4. You mean now I can rescue inkjet printers from the garbage AND make a cute t-shirt for my wife so she doesn’t yell at me? Amazing….

  5. Look out for our forthcoming Hack-a-day tutorial where we’ll show you how to use a video camera to record video *and* audio at the same time!

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