Geek-a-Week trading cards (and Cory in Baltimore today and DC tomorrow!)


5 Responses to “Geek-a-Week trading cards (and Cory in Baltimore today and DC tomorrow!)”

  1. Bus says:

    I see the goggles, but where is the cape?

  2. jwb says:

    Reminds me of this classic from

  3. S2 says:

    Much as I enjoy ‘Fairly OddParents’ et al., it’s a shame to see Cory’s superhero cape worn by Fred Seibert. I mean, c’mon–when xkcd sets the canon, you’re supposed to play along with it ;-)

    Steampunk as the #3 tag; really? What happened to the freedom-fighting, Apple-bashing, agitprop-ing, librarian-loving, EFFin’ rabble rouser we’ve come to know? Of course, the ‘steampunk’ label sets the stage for that fine leather waistcoat (or is it a jerkin?)…but it ain’t no cape!

  4. holtt says:

    Where’s the set of iPod headphones hanging out of his lapel – so carefully arranged at just the right length.

  5. Shelby Davis says:

    Just look at it!

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