Here's the Piers Morgan vs. Kermit the Frog fashion showdown you never knew you needed

My new favorite social media account is run by Derek Guy, who describes himself as a "menswear writer," editor at Put This On, and creator of Ralph Lauren Pics That Go Hard. He provides detailed fashion analyses of celebrities, politicians, and more, and doles out interesting and helpful fashion advice, along with historical information about fashion trends, clothing silhouettes, and more. I find his threads about men's fashion truly interesting. He can also be really funny, which adds to the appeal.

One of his recent threads comparing English broadcaster Piers Morgan's style struggles with Kermit the Frog's impeccable taste completely sucked me in. He introduces the thread:

Someone from @piersmorgan's staff asked if I would like to come onto Piers' show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, to talk about the state of his attire. Since he invited feedback, I thought I'd do a thread comparing his style to menswear icon Kermit the Frog.

The outfit analyses are so interesting, and what's more, I had no idea that Kermit the Frog had such an extensive wardrobe or was such a fashionista! Did you know Kermit has worn tuxedos, suits, turtlenecks, resort wear, sweaters, casual wear, and more? And, spoiler alert: Every outfit Kermit wears outshines similar looks attempted by Piers. Here are some excerpts from the thread:

Kermit doesn't think of outfits in parts or as a pseudo-science (e.g., black goes with blue), but as cultural language. He thinks of the *total* outfit and what it conveys. The rebel look with a biker jacket and jeans. Or the time he wore white suits with gold chains in the '70s

Here, we see him taking chances with a beautifully patterned serape and a safari jacket worn with a neckerchief and beret.

Men often struggle with this because their identity may be rooted in just being a "normal dude," so they see any outfit that deviates from some middle-class uniform as "cosplay." But do you think a frog actually herds cattle?

By thinking of clothes as cultural language, Kermit is able to put together cooler outfits. Here, he's channeling 1980s Miami Vice energy with a lightweight jacket, pink mock neck, striped pants, white horsebit loafers, and giant sunglasses.

Compare these two outfits. Piers' black polo with checked knee-length shorts and bad sneakers says nothing. But Kermit's cargo shorts with an Aloha shirt, fishing bag, and straw hat says: "I'm a mid-century sportsman on vacation."  . . . 

We see the same issues here. Piers is wearing a slim, shapeless topcoat with a stretched-out V-neck, a white dress shirt, a scarf, bad jeans, and suede loafers (confusing, no cultural message, aesthetically unappealing).

Kermit wears a similar outfit but employs a field parka, a Fair Isle knit, and a scarf. The coat gives him a distinctive silhouette. The sweater is visually more interesting. All the elements in the outfit make sense in terms of weather and cultural language.

Go read the rest of the thread here–it's really quite informative and entertaining. And it's just fun to see Kermit the Frog looking so incredibly dapper, and to see Piers Morgan looking so boring and sloppy in comparison.

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