Zombie at Tiffany's Threadcake

Threadcakes -- a competition to re-create Threadless t-shirt designs as cakes -- reaches its apotheosis in this, Gonzuela Bastarache's recreation of the Zombie at Tiffany's tee.

Zombie at Tiffany's by Gonzuela Bastarache (via Super Punch)


  1. To create something of such beauty and deliberate detail…
    and then present it on aluminum foil!!!
    rarg! lol.

    1. I like the silver cakeboard, Josh! It works with the stark black & white of the Zombie. :=D

  2. It’s not aluminum foil it’s a silver cake bord and my sister whose a baker uses them all the time to! I think this cake is amazing!!!! The details and sculpting are just perfect and the background really makes the cake stand out. Terrific cake and presentation!!! (:

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