The Edhi Ambulance: first responders in Pakistan (photo essay)


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  1. CopraCandy says:

    You didn’t mention that Edhi’s ambulance service is the largest private ambulance service in the world.

    And now they also have choppers and planes.

    Btw, why on earth are your pics black and white?

    • Bassam Tariq says:

      The pictures are black and white because they were shot on black and white film, Kodak TX400.

      • CopraCandy says:

        **The pictures are black and white because they were shot on black and white film**

        Yes yes… I can see they are on black and white film (dramatic grainy quality)… but WHY?

        I would’ve just used my phone camera and got better quality pics…

        Anyway, nice of you to highlight this stuff.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Bassam Tariq & Omar Malick Woww Both Great Guys and Really Working Very very Good and Great …. i know Bassam you missing your Mom and Daddy….. Omar too missing very much his Family b coz both very long time live in Karachi and Working … my Wishe’s and Pray With you Bassam and Omar … i hope you successful INSHA ALLAH.
    <|_|_| | Bless you Dear Friends

  3. rebdav says:

    The most important thing an ambulance can do is scoop and run you to the hospital or surgery. The only thing worth dallying is a cardiac arrest where a paramedic team can give the same level of care as an ER.

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t know what you’re talking about.
      So giving D50% to a hypoglycemic diabetic is not useful? Giving a benzodiazapine to a seizing patient is not useful? Giving epinephrine and benadryl to a patient in anaphylactic shock is not useful? Giving adenocard or cardizem (to a patient or cardioverting) a patient with a life-threatening tachycardia isn’t useful? Pacing a patient or giving atropine to a patient with a life-threatening bradycardia isn’t useful? Giving beta-blockers to someone who is having a hypertensive crisis isn’t useful? Decompressing a tension pneumothorax isn’t useful? I could go on all day.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Having passengers (adult, male) on motorcycles is not allowed in order to prevent motorcycle “hit squads” in which the passenger would shoot and then be able to make a quick escape through the congested traffic. This became very common at times. In many countries where private ownership of guns is illegal, but cops carry them; should we criticize that as well?

  5. Anonymous says:

    These are wonderful photos. I’m guessing they are 35mm? What camera did you use?

    • Bassam Tariq says:

      I used a Nikon F3 with a 50mm 1.8 lens. I picked it up from the electronics market in Saddar for cheap.

  6. Antinous / Moderator says:

    The ambulance in Cairo that carted us off to the quarantine camp was an old van filled with rubble and driven by an ancient, toothless man in a galabiya baladi. This looks like Star Trek medicine compared to that.

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