16-bit waterfalls in Canvas

Beautiful, old-school Amiga-style pallette cyling with HTML5. [Effect Games via Digital Tools]


  1. Thanks a lot, Boing Boing. I went from reading this post one minute to spending my night playing Monkey Island, the greatest game of all time. Seriously, thanks!

  2. Very cool. There are times today when I still miss color cycling as a tool in animating. For several years I used to use Autodesk Animator Pro to fake color cycling in 24 bit color video – great for creating fairy sparkles and all sorts of things.

    Of course, this will likely lead to some truly horrifying page designs…

  3. “Deluxe Paint in DOS” I think he’ll find that as it was on the Amiga and the Amiga was the graphics machine of the day it woule be “Deluxe Paint on the Amiga”.

    1. There was also a DOS version. Just because a graphics package is used on the system known for graphics work doesn’t preclude it from being used on other systems (e.g. Photoshop is available for Windows, not just Mac OS).

      1. Heresy! There was no such thing! Those of you who remember using Deluxe Paint are delusional – Bill Gates put those memories in your brain. There was only Amiga. Amiga was great and just. Anyone who says otherwise probably owned an Atari.

  4. Wow, who cares about the fancy technology, I just want to play whatever game it is that has those jar-dropping landscapes.

    What is it about crazy 8-bit graphics that makes me think they are so beautiful? I think it must be memories of sitting in front of the games as an eight-year-old, really really imagining that I was actually there, exploring these crazy words and adventures.

  5. This is progress, huh? Two decades and 100x more processing power later, and we can still almost max out a processor with color cycling. Crazy.

    OTOH, this does make me feel nostalia-lust too… I do so miss those games.

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