Arduino: The Documentary, the trailer

I see a lot of familiar faces in this upcoming documentary about Arduino, the open source microcontroller system that is the basis for thousands of neat DIY projects. [Submitterated by alphabomb]


  1. Wonderful to see a project grow from a pedagogical classroom tool into a widespread open project.

    First adopted in the classroom, then by hobbyists, artists, and now, increasingly in the professional world.

    Reminds me of the TV-Typewriter from Popular Electronics in 1973 … electronics buffs first latched onto it, then college groups & artists … and it eventually became the PC.

    (I’m building a semi-autonomous mini-forklift, controlled by an Arduino Mega.)

  2. Arduino’s premise is the same as the BASIC Stamp, anyone can solder.

    The Arduino chip is just an Atmega from Atmel. I just think that if you want to do any REAL WORLD application and develop a real product, you have to go directly to the source. In the end is just another programming layer to the processor.

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