Jailbreak your iPhone 4

jailbreak4.jpg The iPhone Dev Team released a jailbreak for iPhone4 over the weekend, authored by Comex. For a taste of free-ishdom, go to the site with your iPhone and let it do its work.
A jailbreak is simply the ability to run apps and use themes and tweaks not approved by Apple. Jailbreaking doesn't slow down your device or use any extra battery, and is fully reversible (just restore in iTunes). A jailbreak lets your device be how you want it.
It's easy to go back, too. Just plug in your iPhone and revert the system to your latest backup using iTunes. JailbreakMe 2.0 [JailBreakMe]


  1. I hope this keeps the self-loathing Apple fanbois occupied for a while…

    … but I await the unveiling (by the same) of the new reason why Apple is evil.

    1. mdh, I’m curious why you think the appearance of a serious remote exploit in Apple’s mobile web browser makes any difference one way or another with respect to Apple’s evilness.

      1. I’m curious about whether the same hole exists in other iOS 4 devices or on the iPad. Yes, I know you can’t “jailbreak” the iPad with this, but I’m concerned that there might be other, nefarious exploits for the iPad.

    2. I await the day that the same boring comments don’t get made in every single iPhone post.

  2. The iPhone can be rooted by merely visiting a web page, and this is being touted as a good thing? Really?!

  3. With Rogers’ 6GB for 30$ offer I’m finally going to make the jump into a smart phone.

    I really wanted an Android phone but there seems to be nothing new available on Rogers’ platform (that is up to spec with an iPhone)…seriously…no Droid/no Evo/no Incredible/Droid X … whats the deal?

    So I guess it is a jailbroken iPhone for me.

  4. So I can just go to a web site and it can get root access to my phone and execute arbitrary code?

    I have no problem owning my devices, my iPhone (refurbished old 3G, I’m a cheapskate) is Jailbroken. But this seems like a deeper security hole that could be badly exploited.

  5. The one thing crazier than letting a large corporation have access to all of your personal information?

    Letting a small group of hackers have access to all of your personal information.

    I’ve owned and iPhone and Ipod Touch and have never even been tempted to jailbreak them. Maybe I’m just OK with the features I have and not pirating the apps.

    1. “Maybe I’m just OK with the features I have and not pirating the apps.”

      Jailbreaking comprehension fail.

  6. For those free of common sense and/or experience, you might want to make it really clear that in order to restore, you first need to MAKE a backup. Jes sayin.

  7. @hdiggity – like we now use the terms collateral damage and replacement workers to place a warm friendly fog around unpalatable reality? I would assume that the usual company caveat (the crisco clause) about reserving the right to screw you with a surreptitious software upgrade still applies.

  8. The only reason I would ever buy a locked down device like an iPhone is for the pleasure of learning how to jailbreak it.

  9. FYI – this hack will also jailbreak iOS 3.2.1. I tried my iTouch for giggles – the app didn’t even break a sweat.

  10. Over most of human experience WRT “Before Electronics” objects, the things we owned were hardware rather than software defined. The gun shoots where you point it, and it did not tell you that a cartridge you reloaded lacked a valid “killer chip” or that a cartridge had expired. Printers and guns only being compared to explain a “why” something telling it’s owner NO is one of several Very Bad Situations.

    Software usage choices= what we “can” run on our hardware are the REASON for Jailbreaking, Root etc being a Very Big Deal. Choices, like booting a PC from your favorite Linux CD/Flash Drive are only possible if a device “Allows” you to. That is the critical demarcation between Open and NOT Open devices being fundamentally different types of Ownership. If you can’t freely reflash it- you do not fully own it.

    Most appliance operator level users might not give a second thought to using their devices for more than what comes in the box or a properly “Blessed” download.. And that’s their often UNinformed choice. They’re told to ignore any discussion of a realm many of us cherish being in control of.

    The middle layer called “Firmware” is the game changer that redefines human interactions WRT objects in our lives. The sobering to contemplate “blind spot” is hidden from the consumer/appliance operator’s awareness. It’s that single fact of “WHO” really controls our devices. It’s the reality of if WE control that “Firmware” or someone else does.

    As that defines whether the phone in your pocket will be your assistant or your betrayer. It’s not paranoia to presume external reprogramming by others is a security risk! If you cannot audit the code they load into your device? Think carefully of what that makes possible. All of your life in or around that phone is now up for grabs. And from that?

    Something having GPS+Cameras+Sensitive Microphones will be potentially NOT your friend if someone else can turn it into their information source.

  11. Holy crap people. Why would you jail break an iPhone? The iOS4 upgrade let you change your freaking background! What more customization do you whiny iPhone users want? What is next? Demands that you can change your notification sounds to non-Apple Corporation approved ones!?

    If you want customization and control, even an unrooted Android is more open than a rooted iOS device. iOS is good for what it is designed for, being a locked down Internet appliance that even your computer illiterate grandmother can use. If you want to get all freaky and do something crazy owning of your device to the point where you can change your notification sounds or something whacky like that… just get an Android and pad your ass with a wad of cash you saved in the process.

    I should point out that my Evo’s background is currently an interactive live wallpaper Pong match that you can jump in an at any point to take control either or both paddles… granted, if I give my Evo a stern look the battery voids itself.

  12. oops had to restore my iphone 4 as a camera app made the camersa perform rubish and when I deleted the app the camera went with it so hence the restore and I am now 4.02 heeelllppp is there going to be another version of jailbreakme for the 4.02 version

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