Zombie survival scanner - free iPhone app

Danger--Zombies Fans of Max Brooks' terrific zombie books (including The Zombie Survival Guide, a deadpan, realistic guide to staying alive in a zombie apocalypse, and World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War) will enjoy this free iPhone app produced by Brooks' publisher, Random House.

Once installed, you can take photos of people and it zombifies them. I tried it out with a photo of my face, and am pleased with the results. (Probably would have looked better without a shirt).

Zombie Survival Guide Scanner iPhone App


  1. Ugh, I hate Zombies and their current cultural cache. Why is it okay to post illustrations of rotting cadavers? This is a little too realistic for my taste.

  2. @ #1: Unicorn chaser?!? C’mon, what’s happier than zombies?

    I think BB needs to start posting zombie chasers after all unicorn-related posts…

  3. Judging on the picture of Mr.Frauenfelder and the demo I would speculate the same zombie transition is done every time. This would be much neater if the graphics it used to zombify we dynamic- making each zombie different.

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