German cell phone commercial with cute monsters

Don't you wish all smartphones looked like these little monsters? (Submitterated by swestcott)


    1. i was going to post about Joshua / Longoland too!

      from his blog:
      I designed monsters (with the help by Chelsea Carter!) for the ad agency VCCP for a brand campaign for the German Telecommunications Company, “o2″……. It just premiered in Germany yesterday!!! The monsters represents tariffs that the phone companies impose on you. There will be commercials, online ads, instore displays, all covered in Longoland monsters. I would love to do more commercial monster work!!! I will post sketches from the process in the coming days!!!! Heres a link to the official press release!!!

  1. A chip that lobotomizes these wonderful little creatures? How horrible! Who could sell such a thing?

  2. What phone was that at the end? The white, non-monster phone. Is that real or just a concept used for the commercial?

  3. Given the crappy cell phones I’ve had to use over the years, I would jump at the chance to have a crabby fur monster that chewed on my tie and drank my soda. As long at it got reception!

  4. Looks like a commercial for a pay-as-you-go phone plan. They’re cracking jokes about the “monster” phone plans that eat your money even when you don’t use them, and grab onto you with long contracts.

    1. …and when you go with their plan, your cute monster phone will turn into a boring old iClone.

      Nope. Not interested.

  5. It’s not just pay as you go – it’s a normal contract, you don’t have to charge up your phone or anything, you just pay 13,5 cents when you phone someone, no other fees involved. And you’re not stuck with one carrier for 2 years. And the most you would pay per month is 45 EUR, they call it an airbag, so even if you use your phone constantly, you’re never overpaying.

    Mind you, this doesn’t include a subsidized phone, that’ll run you extra, depending on the phone.

    The mobile at the end of the commercial is indeed a Sony Xperia X10, which you could buy for 20 EUR for 24 months or 559 EUR up front, either way not chained to a carrier.

    Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? If anyone argues the invisible hand of the market will get consumers the best products and prices, use the American mobile sector as a counter argument, no competitiveness carrier wise whatsoever…

    1. 13.5 cents seems high to me. In Finland, I pay 6.9 cents per minute, but then again, I have a monthly fee of 4.95€ regardless of how much I call, so it probably works out to be about the same.

      Mind you, this doesn’t include a subsidized phone, that’ll run you extra, depending on the phone.

      The upside to that is that you can use any handset you want on any network and any plan. If you just want a basic phone to make and receive calls and SMS, you can get one for under 50€.

  6. It kind of reminded me of what it would be like to talk through my cat, if she was a cell phone on the side.

  7. I’ve been putting off getting a smart phone for a while now. However I’d buy a ‘smart monster phone’ any day.

  8. as a taxi driver i am sick of these things rutting in my back seat, i would like people to sedate their phones that way before taking them out all night or shooting up with them

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