"Two Rocks Converse," by Tom Gauld

I've expressed my admiration for Tom Gauld before (The Gigantic Robot, Characters for an Epic Tale). He is one of the best cartoonists around! Read Tom's comics here.


  1. I love this. It would make a great wall poster. I don’t see it listed for sale as a print though :(

  2. I kept parsing the title as “Two Rock Chuck Taylors”.

    It made me really not understand the comic on first readthrough.

  3. There was a similar Jeff Jones comic in Heavy Metal or maybe 1984 or 1994 (that’s the title of a publication by Warren Comics, not necessarily the year of publication), a tree narrating its experience of a human woman coming up to it, falling down and decomposing in four or five panels.

  4. I wonder what it says about me that it actually took me a second reading to catch the backgrounds.

    Though seeing as rocks aren’t that long-lived, spanning human history might’ve worked better.

  5. There’s a story from the Golden Age of SF wherein some xeno-archaeologists find a desolate planet with only two colossal statues on it. They can’t figure out who on this planet could have built such things. They saw a hunk out of one of the toes for analysis and depart. When they come back with some colonists 10 years later the sampled statue is starting to change expression and the other one is reaching for his gun.

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